Monday, March 20, 2006

Facebook status updates March 2011

Just scoured the Internet for my homemade thieves oil, toothpaste, laundry powder, and dishwasher detergents. Pick the recipes I'll start with and I have already bought most of my ingredients and located my containers. Let's do this thing!

For a while I wasn't sure when I should start treating Hunter the same way as "Before Leukemia" in regards to asking him to do things or to help. This past week I have just naturally sensed that he was ready to return to helping out around the house. I've asked him get his brother's clothes, to clean up toys and to put away the silverware and it's been met with no resistance.

Just got home from a writing workshop. Ronin asked if I was at a party and I explained that I'm writing a book. She exploded with encouragement: I'm so proud of you! I didn't know you were going to be a famous writer! That is so cool! How lucky am I!?

There are a few things I remember about Amber Johnson. One thing that comes to mind when I think of her is her amazing hair. Tonight, she is going to shave it all off in honor of my son. Winning!

I say to Hunter, "Are you winning?" and he says "I have no idea. You are weird." I say to Ronin, "Are you winning?" and she says "Duh! Winning!" and makes a weird motion to her head and says, "Ahh the brain!"

The flood gates have been opened. I cannot stop crying. I hope none of my friends I will be seeing tonight are wearing silk tops because when I hug you, I might ruin it.
Well, I sang Ceelo loudly in my car (would have called you Sarah Gharib to let you listen but didn't have your #), bawled my eyes out to "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" in Publix and then bawled again to "An Innocent Man" in my car. I did at least make it home with a grown up dress that fits me (and Seinfeld trivia game that I found on clearance ;).
I'm going shopping. By myself. In PURPLE. And I'll probably cry some while I'm out there and people will think I'm nuts and that's okay. I might even dance and sing a little. I may collapse on my knees and thank God for his mercy.

Hunter and I are reading a VERY OLD "Tom Jefferson" biography. If he repeated some of the things in that book in certain crowds, he'd be beat up! Funny, our morning reading was a chapter about "indians" and then a weird PC comic about Thanksgiving and it's "true meaning" in a Simpsons comic. He's getting an earful this morning.

Seven years ago today, God gave me a directive that I heard loud and clear. Seven years ago today I finally felt as if I had a purpose, a plan. Seven years ago today I became a mother. And I'm RoCkIn this gig, yo.

I wasn't prepared to feel this emotional on the eve of my Hunter's 7th birthday. I am just so damned relieved he's still here. I can't tell you how many times I wouldn't even let myself think about it.
Channel 2 news is coming to my house. There goes my plan to stay in my pjs. Oh well. ;)
Ronin and Hunter have been playing together happily all morning. I think we may be turning a corner, folks.
LOVE nights when we turn off the tv and get out the toys. We are building Lego, Zoobs and Bugz. Hunter is working on his Lego quest for the week and we are having such a nice, peaceful time. :)
Our story has a happy ending. There is still so much left to endure but we've gotten really lucky. Now to give back and pay forward all that we've gained, which is far more than we've endured. Praise you Lord and thank you science... One in the same ;)
Having a hard time feigning interest in Ronin's incessant talk about Roxy, Hannah Montana's body guard. "Roxy like a puma".
I know we didn't just wrap the Lord of the Dragon's 2nd birthday presents. Sniff. My BABY! Okay, enough of that. Bring on the preschool years! woooooo hooo!
Love is... suggesting "High School Musical" to your daughter because you KNOW she'd love it... even though it's the last thing on earth YOU would want to watch. "Guess what mom? The blonde girl on here loves pink too"!
Ronin is going to art camp this summer!!!

Hunter is so lucky to not be affected by anesthesia. Poor Ronin was a mess after her one incident with it. If he had that problem, it would be really troublesome. He's home, happy, eating some lunch and asking to watch 30 Rock. Amazing!
The number of times I yell in a day is directly proportional to the number of messes that Drayken makes (this includes destroying things). There's my contribution to Math Monday, Sherry Gann.
I absolutely hate it every time Hunter has to have a surgery and I am stuck at home just waiting. I pace, I clean, I stare blankly at facebook. I am worthless until I have him back home. Imagine, that is how I was for a whole month and a half. Twice. So glad that we are DONE with surgeries after today... until November.
Drayken just bit a HUGE plug out of Ronin's arm all because he couldn't say to her "Hey, don't put those pancakes away, I want one." Cannot wait for him to talk. What a stinker!
Just flushed my last Hickman Line. Hope I never have to do that stuff again. :) Slowly but surely, I resign from my occupation of home healthcare nurse. Good riddance!
R: Singing "Old Time Rock and Roll"
H: You didn't make that song up. You just stole it from ALF".
How will I ever make him understand that ALF is not the original artist of this song!?
Ronin is reading us all of the scripts of the plays she has written. Whew. after she read the plays (there were about five) she performed several songs. now she's gone for a costume change and will be returning shortly to perform more songs. intermission i suppose.
This morning D was whispering "mama" in his crib at 4am. He went on to go into the kitchen and throw spoons then fix himself a bowl of brownies. Then he came back to bed and kicked me repeatedly and beat himself in the head with his Bible.
Ronin put a hot pink sticker that says "Call me" on my bedroom door.
Romaine leaves with tuna and egg salads, polenta topped with goat cheese and herbs, mango banana pudding, blueberry and cherry iced teas. :)
Ronin just walked in the room singing "I'm in love with a big blue frog, the big blue frog loves me." My dad taught her that. He used to sing it all of the time when I was a little girl and I'm beyond thrilled that he's singing it to her.
Poor Drayken must have been feeling neglected. He spent the last hour and a half kissing, playing, loving and hugging all over me and his daddy. Now he's done. He did NOT like it when his dad and I tried to snuggle with each other. Wonder how much longer he's going to play the "My Mommy" card!?
Drayken was yelling "mama" while running up and down the hall. I said, "what drayken?". He just wanted to show me his tongue I guess.
Mandy Ray- Jones
Sat down and wrote out my brainstorming list for my big project. I think I'll actually make this happen. Finally a project that creates itself... I don't have to force it!
feel like i should be throwing together a little congratulations party for hunter and ronin but i'm so emotionally and physically exhausted from this whole ride that don't see it happening.
God is so amazing. I just had a conversation with my dad where he told me some "unschooling" friendly stories from my childhood/teen years (see where I get it?) and we talked religion, politics, etc... and no one got mad or upset. We actually agreed! Lots of laughter! Miracles happen every day!
Hunter just clicked on a special feature on his Simpsons DVD. It was Bart and KT Oslen presenting an AMA in 91. That was almost disturbing. Now he's watching the "Do the Bartman" music video for the first time. What a time warp!
I just finally watched an interview with Charlie Sheen and, ya know, maybe I'm as loony toons as he is, but I understood perfectly everything that he said.
Hunter is helping Ronin with her Math-U-See. He is being gentle, kind, loving and helpful. She is soaking it in. My heart is full.
My daughter just took over the vacuuming and is now cleaning our bathrooms. I suppose I do brag a lot about how amazing my family is but I cannot help it. When you have something amazing in your life... shouldn't you shout it from the rooftops? All of the credit I give to the Lord! Before I knew Him, I was a total mess and very lonely. Now my life is filled with great people!
Girls, my man is the WHOLE package. Gorgeous, smart, funny, hardworker, sword fighter, chocolate inventor, AND changes the sheets and helps me put away five loads of laundry on his day off. I am SO LUCKY!!
Going to the park to do a photo shoot with The Daily News Journal - Hunter has asked that we also walk the trail with a trash bag to pick up the litter we saw last time we walked on it. I've done a good job of teaching my kids to be stewards of our earth I suppose.
Drayken and I took a nice long walk this morning and then came home and filled up his new to him toy box. Thanks again Kendall Gray. He's thrilled with it!
My daughter has taken up an interest in Riverdance. She brought home a vhs of something called "Feet of Flames" yesterday, has talked about the plot (how can she even follow a plot in that thing?) and has had me watching "Lord of the Dance" videos on youtube. I'm bored out of my mind with this stuff!
Hunter is reading through one of his Wimpy Kid books. Yep, that's right. READING through it.
I have woken up with clarity. I ATTRACT generosity into my life. People bend over backwards to help my family out, or offer me products for my blog to review, or help enter my daughter in a contest to help make her a little happier before she has surgery, or ask Lego to donate products to my son all on their own because they know I'd do the same for them.
Lucky me! Another outing alone with my sweet special girl. That's right I think she is special. Now go trash me on facebook. I'll still think she is special. Because she is. Just like each of your kids are special. ♥
Ronin said, "I have never felt so alive because she said, "What's goin' on? Hey I know you." I can only imagine how much it thrilled my little lady to know that Jennette remembered her and took the time to ask how we were all doing. What a special night for a special child.
Lunch at the food court. Not exactly the most romantic date we've ever had but we are together. I'll take it ;)
12 years ago today I finally had the courage to finagle a date out of that weird guy who wore a trench coat in the back of my research methods class. I never dreamed that we'd end up fighting so many battles together. As we begin today, I feel more thankful than ever that God chose him as my partner. Happy Anniversary, my love. And thank you for helping me ace that midterm.

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