Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Facebook Status Updates January 2011

Hunter, to Ronin: "You are living the annoying daylights out of me." all the while, drayken is destroying his dad's dvds.
this has just been a good day. a very good day.
uh oh. i just had a little girl look up at me with big puppy dog eyes and say "plllllease" about buying tickets to the taylor swift concert in september. sigh.
peeked in on ronin in her new bedroom. lounging on the bed, listening to music on her new boom box, guitar on her lap. a picture of what you'd imagine the pop stars were doing at age five. the girl has a future in the arts, that is for sure. she has all of the talent that i always dreamed of having.
My mind is going a mile a minute this morning after hearing about the explosion which burned two employees at Hoeganese in Gallatin. My dad just recently retired from there. He was injured in that plant so many times. I guess he was lucky to still be living.
Drayken fell asleep clutching his new rhyming Bible. He loves it sooo much... Especially all of the "dogs" in the book.
Hunter is in LOVE with How It's Made. When I told him that even the most schoolish of people would consider this show to be educational, he was excited. It's very cool. Check it out.
drayken is furious with me bc i won't let keep stomping on a bag of frozen tater tots.
"Glove Slap" episode of The Simpsons! I'd forgotten about that! The B-52's will always make me hap hap happy!
The kids and I spent a couple of hours driving around town delivering things to people. As we were passing MTSU, I asked them if they'd like to drive over to see the bldg where their dad and I met. Ronin said "That sounds romantic so I DON'T WANT TO GO." alrighty then.
I cannot believe that I am excited that my kid wanted a burger from Sonic. Man how things can change, huh?
we're heading to the park and hunter and i are wearing Wimpy Kid shirts! weeee!!
last night i went to bed with dirty laundry in the laundry room floor and dirty dishes in the sink. and guess what? the end of the world didn't come. no one died. they were just still there when i got up. no big deal.
realized that the hubby and i may not have had a date night out since valentine's day two years ago and that was thanks to Julie Williams Adams. the last time we tried to have a date was last valentine's day but we canceled because we all had a stomach bug. i'm HOPING that we can have one this coming week!
good thing i don't react to anger the same way baby D does (stripping down naked) or else my husband would be making me mad on purpose several times a day ;)
There is a very happy little playing The Simpsons game on DS that he didn't even know he had until today. Talk about exciting surprise. Thanks again Sam Swift for the rockin' hook up.
PEOPLE WHO THINK THE OFFICE HAS JUMPED THE SHARK: I think you have smoked the crack. It's still funny. It's still well written. And it's still brilliantly acted. And it's still brightens up our week! Thank you The Office! We love you!!
every time hunter sees a scene from The Office with creed he asks, "is he drunk?"
have you SEEN my husband lately? he's looking smokin' hot. those shoulders! pppprrrrou. i'm crazy about him, with or without the muscles though. :)
i HIGHLY suggest everyone start their day by dancing to "Smooth Criminal" as one of MJ's back up dancers and then follow it with a tall glass of carrot, lemon, beet juice.
Just crawled under the covers and am enjoying my brand new organic 600 thread count sheets that were discounted something like 130 bucks. Ahhh. Hate that I have to stay awake.
well, we just tried to watch "Liberty's Kids" on netflix. The children are now plotting how to blow up the characters on the show. Yes, as in they want to "blow up" Ben Franklin. I don't think they liked it too well.
He likes the olive mayo dip!!
Ronin just walked up to me and said, "You know mom, I don't think kissing is nasty anymore." I wonder if she was in thinking about Justin Timberlake while she mopped?
glad that I'M not the one being interviewed by The Daily News Journal - dnj.com this morning. oh wait, maybe I am. luckily Nancy Tucker DeGennaro knows me so she will just rephrase my quotes to make me sound like I would normally sound... when well rested and not having been up half the night with a baby who wants peanut butter.
hunter asks for things with dairy in them. his dad lets him have them. i deal with the puke. i don't like this pattern at all.
poor doofus is having a VERY hard night. which means we are ALL having a hard night.
receiving a leg rub from a little girl. i'm spoiled rotten.
I'm an INTJ. What are you?
Never fails. Now that tornado boy is sleeping in his bed at night I am so excited for him to get up and play and cuddle. I love not feeling resentful of his needs because I feel better rested. Smoochies and cuddles are starting now!!
Ro is sitting up with me while I wait to give ten o'clock meds. We are watching The Nanny and she is very much in love with Fran and Maxwell's story. Hunter is sitting in his bed working on his last sticker mosaic and watching Full House having some quiet alone time :)
tonight, Michael Hunter Jones complimented my appearance and my cooking all in one statement. i am pretty sure i nearly fainted.
while driving to clinic today i thought to myself that i really wished we could buy all of The Simpsons on dvd through amazon today since they were on sale... bc i figured that would be good eating motivation for hunter now that legos don't seem to work so well... as soon as i got to clinic, saw a friend, she handed me an amazon gift card. didn't cover all of them but got us a few :)
D opens his mouth, sticks his finger in it and yells "Ahhh" and then grabs his diaper and grunts. This is toddlerese for "I'd like a gummy fish vitamin and my diaper is dirty."
So tempted to go wake up Hunter to let him know that we got an amazing email back from Daneboe. But I think I'll let him sleep. :)
andy bernard WOULD request dave matthews. blech.
I am so excited to dig into all of these new "school" books. We are committed to finishing up the few books we are working on this week and then next week it's new books all the way! Weeeee!! Must admit that I've started some on my own. ;)
I can always tell when there are some major sporting events on television... I cannot understand half of anyone's FB updates. So yay ra go whatever team that plays whatever sport that is popular in January. (football right?)
So tired of a certain baby that won't eat his meals. Instead he expects candies. Lots of candies.
Ack... address I found in connection to Danebo happens to be in LA. Maybe Hunter can go meet him and see how he makes The Annoying Orange when we go on our Make a Wish trip. I mentioned it to him and his eyes lit up. I think he's more excited about this prospect than the original wish!
Best I can tell, all of Hunter's army men used the big metal dump truck to invade the doll house and then rob them of all of their furniture and now the husband and wife dolls are being invaded by a giant dog.
potatoes on to boil, chicken lemon soup (inspired by Sharon Singley's soup) in the crock pot, and delicious beet, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, kale, lemon, and celery juice. i love sunday mornings :)
can't help but wonder if hunter's sudden willingness to eat and be kind to his sister is connected to having his new "own room".
well, the room swap is nearly complete. a few finishing touches here and there. the kids started out the process with wanting to put signs on their door saying, "No jerks allowed" and "No Ronin allowed" and now they are playing restaurant together.
Ronin is painting my toes. I'm pretty sure she got nothing on my actual nails.
We are officially moving Ronin out of Hunter's room. This is hard for me but I know he NEEDS to be able to be by himself and to leave his LEGOs out and lock his door for space. It just makes me sad. So much makes me sad right now. Stupid weaning hormones at the same time as my life is turned up side down.
Ronin is enrolled in "Understanding Pop Music Lyrics 101" and I've somehow been suckered into being the teacher. Lucky me.
Carrot, lemon, apple, broccoli, kale, cabbage, celery juice. Oh sweet elixir.
Ronin just told me she wanted some vegetarian on her pizza. Not sure what that means but she got ground turkey and vegan cheese instead.
man, i'm really changing. put away something i swore i'd always hang on to and keep wearing. threw OUT something that needed to be thrown out about ten years ago. and today i just didn't even stop in front of ronin's room to clean it. let it sit there all messy. why should it bother me?
i'm wearing my mork vest. and it fits. (a few years it was WAY too tight).
This book I am reading baby D at 2am is making him pretty angry bc there are no dogs in it. At this hour, does he really have the right to be so picky?
Tonight I was scanning through titles on TiVo and Hunter said "That said Bye Bye Love". And it did. Remember that movie. That is the first time that whole "hey my kid just randomly read something to me" thing has happened. I'm a little excited.
Tonight I learned that The Simpsons is Hunter's very very very favorite tv show. I had NO idea. He is running out of episodes right and left.
Doofen was home and inside the house all of 20 seconds before he raided the freezer for chocolate.
Somehow, despite this whole leukemia/BMT setback, Hunter is slightly more than half way done with Math-U-See primer and will be finished by the end of "first grade". Amazing.
just had the most RIDICULOUS game of 20 questions ever. lots of laughter. lots of nonsense.
Just enjoyed a half hour long foot and leg massage with pink grapefruit from my little girl... while watching an episode of "The Simpsons". :)
My mom and I watched "Dirty Dancing" together at least 100 times. My daughter and I enjoy shakin' our booties together in the kitchen to "The Dirty Bit". Life does come full circle is seems. BTW, where does she learn these moves? She's doing Johnny Castle's floor sliding and she's never SEEN "Dirty Dancing". She is a natural born dancer.
I just decided to leave my dishes in favor of sitting down to rest. I think I'm turning a corner.
No offense Draykie but we are super excited that you are having a grandparents sleepover tonight. This means we can actually have a family movie and game night without being screamed at or stopping you from getting into the freezer every five minutes!
Doogie Howser MD is about leukemia and a bone marrow transplant tonight. They are talking about how rare it is to do a BMT. Also, Doogie had leukemia as a child. I had thought that and then figured I was just imagining things!
you know it's been a good day when you don't even know exactly where the puke bucket is :)
Not sure what has brightened my day the most: Hunter's receiving an invitation to visit with the cast of my favorite tv show of all time or his yelling out "Mama, I'm SOOOOO hungry." Believe it or not, I may have to go with the later. :)
Carrie Wilkins, Craig Krampf, Katie Haas, and Creed Bratton: Thank you a million times over!! xxoo To respond to your invitation, Mr Bratton, if we get to make it out to CA before the show is over, we will certainly plan a trip to visit with the cast of The Office!!
Ummm, I have the most amazing friends.
We may have finally decided upon Hunter's number 1 wish: Visit Pixar Studios. Other ideas are welcome though. It's been really tough to come up with an "ultimate" wish for him.
beef vegegie soup in my crock pot. watching "beezus and ramona" with the kiddos. drinking decaf Just Love Coffee. found a poem that made Hunter laugh that was by Lewis Carroll and about making stew out of your sister.
HOLY COW. It's 60 degrees in this house. This means either some child climbed up and "adjusted" our thermastat or our heat is broken again. I REALLY hope it's the first option because Hunter is so sensitive to the cold it will make him very miserable.
where is my bed? i cannot seem to find it. cannot move my legs. cannot lift my head. zzzzzzzzzz
Hey Mamas with their brains working!! Why didn't you remind me of the emotinal and physical hormonal shift that occurs after weaning? Someone should have at least warned me that I'd be a cramping crazed psychopath and that maybe THIS is not the best time to stop nursing!!! Some friends you are!!
needs to take a loooooong vacation. or at least a nap.
sniff. so did miley make the right choice? ronin tearfully says yes. and so does her mama.
I can hardly hold my arms up I'm so exhausted. I can make it til Tuesday when I'll actually have the potential for more than 6.5 hours of sleep at night... because my husband will be on "cyclosporin duty" for the pm dose.
Gearing up for a marathon of saying goodbye to Hannah Montana... forever. :(
I'm roasting four soup bones. Kept reading about "bone marrow and vegetable soup". Surely that would be good for Hunter.
What's even hotter than the man doing push ups? The fact that the stayed awake after working all night to play the Littlest Pet Shop board game with the whole family. And cheered when he won. HOW did I get so lucky?
Hunter is making a list. He's not done this in a while!! And my goal for exercise this week was 2 hrs. I got in 2 hrs, 7 mins. :)
so hot. walked in on my husband doing push ups. smokin' hot ;)
today is a new day. and it won't involve puking!!
Ronin feels sad because tomorrow is the last episode of Hannah Montana. I know that feeling all too well.
Hunter and Ronin are acting out their frustration with one another through Barbie and Ken.
I am feeling extremely defeated. I have never experienced anything so scary and frustrating in all of my life.
Hunter has had about 20 fat grams, 400 calories and 16.5 oz today. And it's only 11. I think we can do this. I am not sure how many fat grams or calories he needs right now but I feel encouraged. Drizzling oil into everything seems to be working!
doof is home. he thinks the tamper for my vitamix is his light saber.
can't even look at the emails, fb posts, etc about the fun homeschool related things going on in the community. it makes me want to throw up. making my own fun. making my own fun. making my own fun.
It feels so great to be prepping dinner for my family. To actually have the wits about me to make a meal is astounding. It's marinated grilled Ahi tuna steaks, "mock" mashed potatoes (cauliflower) with real cow butter, rolls, and black bean brownies for dessert!
Last night I dreamed that my honey got me a brand new tourquoise schwinn bike. I cried I was so happy. I want one sooooo badly. I was blissful on that bike.
Two nights without sleep and feeling more emotionally drained than ever = a mama who cries (and kicks things). Feels amazing to lay down. Tomorrow will be better. He'll drink 45 ozs and keep it all down and I'll sneak an extra 400 calories into his food. I just know it!
20 oz in, 30 out. I don't know what the point is anymore.
Gonna enjoy my last Zevia® bc Hunter hates them and the other two aren't here to try to finagle it away from me! We've had a good evening zipping through reading books (Hunter and I are BOTH reading), Hunter made his dad's sandwiches for the next four days while I did dishes (HUGE help) and we've been sippin' away. :)

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