Monday, March 20, 2006

Facebook status updates: Feb 2011

I'm still waiting for the crazy weather. Feeling surprisingly calm and collected despite tornado watches, sad 5 year anniversary, and a big huge life-changing day tomorrow. Must be all my wonderful friends praying for me. :)
Ronin asked for ice cream and I got her some. She decided she didn't like it bc it was cold. Then D removed his diaper, got out his potty, went poop on the floor down the hall and came running into the room holding his poo yelling "poo poo".
watching Modern Family has made me wonder if I could have fit in with more "normal" mom groups had I actually been a gay man.
BBQ crock pot chicken = success. It's been a good week in the kitchen. It feels amazing to be feeding my entire family home cooked meals again.
Put my black plastic out to kill off the grass on my small patch of land that will very soon be covered in plants from Plants of Antiquity! So excited to FINALLY learn to garden!
listening to hunter and ronin have a conversation about what it will be like when he can go into public again. they have this whole special trip to whole foods planned. they are going to get the little carts and go shop all by themselves. i need a glass of wine and a soak in my bathtub. but if i wake my husband up early so that i can do it, i'll be guilty the whole time bc he needs sleep :(
So stressed right now that I just finished off a bag of marshmallows and paired them with jelly beans. Granted they are the all natural kind but still, thought you'd all like to know that I am human when it comes to food like everyone else. :)
i always feel more cheerful when i dress like myself... in rainbows. contrasting ones preferable. heard "love shack" on the radio, did grocery shopping BY MYSELF and danced in the aisles, learned that soon, i'll be getting about 28 more hours of sleep/month, and grabbed a hug from a friend. :)
The Simpsons that we just watched was about helicopter parenting. And we learned some things about Henry VII, Geoffrey Chaucer, Westminster Abbey, and Oscar Wilde. Brilliant psychological theory as well. It is an unschooler's dream really :). Ain't that right, Dina Roberts?
tee hee hee. hunter just said that the pasta sauce is good. little does he know it's about 1/2 steamed broccoli. he knows that he drinks the stuff but he will not eat it. it he even dreamed that i put broccoli in the sauce, he'd act like he was having a seizure. i kid you not. my lips are sealed.
tee hee hee. hunter just said that the pasta sauce is good. little does he know it's about 1/2 steamed broccoli. he knows that he drinks the stuff but he will not eat it. it he even dreamed that i put broccoli in the sauce, he'd act like he was having a seizure. i kid you not. my lips are sealed.
Reflecting upon how we're going to limit our schedules once we are free to move about the planet again. I've learned so much about how overbooked we were before and I have so enjoyed staying at home more. Time is a currency and we intend to spend our time very wisely and only invest in things that truly matter. :)
Michael received some Similac Infant Formula in the mail. I cannot come up with even one good explanation for this.
Friends with daughters: Mark your calendars. I just booked my 15 people mother/daughter cupcake decorating class for Sat July 30th, 5-7pm SPARKLE CUPCAKE COMPANY. We can bring in outside food and drink for a pot luck as well. If you want to attend, keep that date available. :)
Ronin is laying on her bed, head under the covers, watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog AGAIN on my iPod.
husband, what good are you if you don't read my mind? i tell you celery, you are supposed to know i mean garlic. bloody heck.
Hunter completed the first half of Headsprout tonight! We are so proud! He's reading so much more now! And he's right on track with his "grade level" which is a miracle considering he has spent all of first grade dealing with leukemia. Way to go, Big Guy!
Perfected avocado lime smoothie: 1 frozen banana, 1 avocado, approx 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk, lime juice to taste, stevia to taste. May add some ice. Perfection.
I learned more about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington today than all of the rest of my days combined. Thank you Unschooling. They were both fine unschooled men.
Today I found a cup of urine sitting in my bathroom cabinet.
Just found myself shamelessly begging Ro for Princess Beauty Shop time. She finally caved and is now wearing velvet pink gloves and filing my toenails with a small Barbie comb.
One kid asking for meatballs and another asking for ribs. It's like living with Sam Puckett up in here.
Finally had to tell the girl I was going to bed. All of the songs and stories about farts and poking people in the eye had started to get on my nerves.
"His face looks idiotish".
Hunter and I get to spend our day being lazy in pajamas, playing games, reading books and snuggling. Mama's special popcorn and vegan hot cocoa will top it all off!
Throat hurts from reading aloud Simpsons comics. I do a pretty good McBain and Lisa if you ask me.
generally i don't like kmart but i have to admit that i'm thrilled with my new joe boxer pink owl pjs that i got today... for six bucks. i'd been wanting some cute winter pjs to replace the ones i wore out about three years ago but never felt like i could afford them. today, i broke down :)
i just uploaded my first cd to iTunes. it was a Taylor Swift cd. i have had my iPod or over a year and it took my daughter to motivate me to learn how to do this.
Ronin had a great time hanging out with her dad at "The Roasterie" -home of just love coffee roasters! :)
Michael and Ronin are out on a father/daughter milkshake date. And it was his idea. LOVE it!
Remember the defective cd player? Returned it to TRU. They didn't have another so they gave me store credit. There just happened to be an iPod docking station on sale thru today for half price... exact amount of the credit. So we ended up with something much better and now all I have to do is rip Ronin's music onto the iPod. :)
I slept 11 hours. I dreamed about prom, Heather Hayes McIntyre, Simpsons merchandise, and food. always food.
car windows rolled down, flip flops, denim jacket, corey hart blaring. the highlight of my afternoon ;)
Ro and I started our Proverbs 31 Bible study for mothers and daughters tonight. I hope that we can both become a Proverbs 31 woman. She thinks this is too fun!
H & R are having a very pleasant dinner conversation about Star Wars, Darth Mal, robots, etc. I appreciate that Hunter is not threatening her with physical violence. Seems food might be placating him.
Drayken just ate the three kiwis I washed, peeled, and sliced for us to share at dinner.
If keeping Hunter covered and away from the sun is stressing me out now, I don't know what the summer is going to be like. It will be hard to convince him to wear socks, long sleeves and pants with a hooded jacket when it's 95 degrees outside.
Upon my reading a story version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Hunter stated, "That did not make a bit of sense." I couldn't have agreed more, child.
Same time Michael got out the Pez dispensers, he got down Hunter's old Home Depot work bench as a "free gift" for baby D. Within half and hour, he has completely taken it apart. Hunter used it for 2.5 years and never once did this. Amazing.
Michael just got my Pez box out for Hunter. He's soooo excited bc I have all of The Simpsons and old Star Wars Pez dispensers!! :) Free gift!
Hunter and I have a new ritual. Cuddling in bed, sharing ear buds while watching 30 Rock on the iPod waiting for his ten o'clock med. :)
Cannot count the number of compliments and times Hunter has told me he loves me today. I won't always be his Valentine but I'm gonna soak it up while I can. My heart hurts from being so full.
oh my goodness i'm having a blast watching drayken get smarter and smarter each day. he's such a joy joy joy to us!
Ronin is watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for the fourth time. She's FIVE people.
Son, if you hate Justin Bieber so much then how come you have just wasted ten minutes of your time talking to me about him?
making valentine's day sugar cookies with the kiddos. gonna use the "berry juice" method for making natural pink colored icing :)
I dreamed that the hubby and I were on a vacation and what did I ask to do? Thrift stores and yard sales. Hee hee
Umm I may have just watched 30 Rock for the first time and umm loved it. Hope this doesn't end my marriage.
just read a blog entry about pep rallies. and how not all people like them. holy cow! really? oh wait, that's right. the only ones i ever attended were the ones i was IN. blech. i'm still traumatized.
How did I manage to write an article this evening? Well, Ronin gave Hunter his meds. "He needs to go ahead and take these last two because it's already past 8:00".
Oh man, I did a Valentine's Day treasure hunt inside of Blockbuster Video when I was 19. I thought it was the best thing ever. Gabe is so lame.
Finally watched The Office from last week and all I can say is WOW!! I was sobbing sobbing sobbing by the end of it. Cannot WAIT for tonight! Anyone else cry? (please tell me I'm not alone). :)
Feeling like beating the living daylights out of someone? Michael Jackson The Experience is a pretty decent alternative. May I suggest that you start out with Billie Jean as a warm up, Thriller for your intense workout and then Heal the World as a cool down. You will walk away feel less like smashing something and feeling like a bleeding heart liberal.
man, i felt awful all day and then we went outside to deliver some valentines and cookies to neighbors and something about that sun and bitter cold air was invigorating to me.
D and I read a Skippyjon Jones book and all through it D kept yelling "Dog!" Skippyjon would be SO pleased!
"Mom, can you call that girl from Make-A-Wish and have her change my wish to me having my head eaten off by a bunch of live tigers. No really. I'd rather die than have to hear Ronin do any more of that singing".
What's that? My singing Madonna's "Crazy for You" at top volume is annoying? Cannot be any less annoying than your yelling about coyotes. Just sayin.
wish i could pinpoint an exact moment when i evolved into a creature who would rather have grapefruit rather than cake (seriously), would rather wear natural colors rather than neon ones, would rather listen to van morrison rather than the B-52's, and who would rather stay home rather than be on the go all of the time.
went to bed last night without cleaning the toilets, finishing the laundry, or doing the dishes... despite the fact that a news crew will be here this morning. i think this is a good sign that my psyche is ready for a reality show... you know, "Keeping Up with the Joneses" where the family is a little quirky, dealing with leukemia, unschoolers, hippie conservatives, wearing a few too many hats? You'd watch, right?
Hunter, scanning through TiVo menu again: "I didn't know there was a show called "Children's Hospital". Thank you Headsprout!!
Lunch: homemade veggie soup (with loads of greens) that I didn't even have to make. Dessert: plain coconut milk yogurt with lemon juice, vanilla, and cinnamon, fresh pineapple, fresh blueberries and topped with the crumbs from the cookies I made yesterday which make an awesome granola. :)
Anyone else getting invitations to participate in "cardboard sign campaigns" or events where you put gold children's shoes out in public places all in order to "Stop Childhood Cancer"? People... this is insanity. It's no less stupid than posting the color of your bra as your FB status in order to stop breast cancer. Find something else to do with your time that might actually make a difference!
Not sure which thing I'm most excited about... Having Hunter's Hickman line removed or recycling the puke bucket once and for all. YUCK!!
Baby D was such a big boy when I put him in his crib tonight. He laid down, no tears, held his dragon, and let me cover him with his blanket.
living with a person on steroids is quite a challenge. i cannot imagine what it must be like to be married to one of those professional athletes who use them.
Drayken was just knocking on H's door yelling "I choo choo choo" as in "I choo choo choose you" ala Ralph on The Simpsons (Valentine's Day episode). Sigh.
Exhausted from all of the sadness of this past week. I know that God is in control but that doesn't make things less painful. I just want a short break long enough to catch my breath and regain hope.
As much as I want to get serious about exercise... if I work out like I did yesterday too often I'll never be able to stay up late enough to give H his meds. Man alive I'm worn OUT and hurt everywhere.
Ronin just asked "when are we going to watch that thing we were going to watch? the super bowl or something?". She was disappointed to find out we were already watching it.
oh Lordy help me. this man is in here posing like he's Charles Atlas or something. men and their egos. gotta stroke them once in a while. meanwhile, i have a little girl who managed to get chocolate milk (that had a LID on it) all over the front and BACK of her shirt. my family is nuts and i love em.
Ronin cannot seem to get enough of The Wonder Years. Hunter responds violently at the mention of it. Go figure.
i knew it was just a matter of time. ronin is watching Dr Horrible... or as she calls it "With my freeze ray I will stop the pain". What did you think of it, Ronin?
It's was pretty good.
Did you think it was sad that the girl died at the end?
No, I didn't care about her. It was funny. I like the songs.
It is so hot when my husband spends part of his morning helping me get the "little things that add up to a lot" around the house finished up so that we can have a relaxing evening together. Almost as hot as it was the other day when he saw I was stressed and he asked if I needed a hug. I love that old dogs CAN learn new tricks. Not that my husband is a dog or anything.
If only Michael Hunter Jones understood how much I miss watching The Office with him :(
The boys were all sleeping so Ro and I read some AG Julie book, played an eBoo game, and painted pictures of sparkly cupcakes while singing along to Bobby Dylan. Man, it's good to be the mom of a five year old girl with a love for music and art.
anyone else have crazy dreams when they are on melatonin? last night's features included hiding the kids from a tornado (a common theme in my dreams) and being a character on the Office who had become friends with Pam and I was trying to convince her to make some sort of phone call.
Watching Pippi on the Run. Weirdest movie ever.
Ro and I are painting flowers with water colors while listening to Mozart. We may need to have a burping contest while watching some Roseanne to make sure we don't become too high fallutin and forget our raisin.
every episode of Punky Brewster on this dvd has been about something serious... kidnapping, stalkers, playing in refrigerator boxes, stealing... how did this show not make us all slit our wrists?
Classical Stretch- The Esmonde Technique, massage, hiked Flat Rock Cedar Glades, Walmart w/ gift cards and scored awesome stuff for the birthdays and was recognized by a blog reader (weird), lots more shopping but no spending, dinner at Olive Garden, bought an ottoman, picked up 2 of 3 kids, came home to The Simpsons care pkg from Rikki Travis
good thing i scheduled my first massage from mother's day of last year for tomorrow. i'll be having a massage while hunter is at clinic and they are determining the next course of action (scope, feeding tube, etc). i'm sure i'll be really relaxed. after that, date day!
collecting stool samples is so fun. doo da. doo da.
Someone bring me a pie and a punching bag before I go all Julia Sugarbaker over here!
d just removed every tissue from the box, "blew" his nose on each of them and then put them all back into the box. yep, that's about right what with the kind of day i'm haivng. grrr.
Somehow the stars aligned tonight and I was able to complete nearly all of my housework AND spend some special time with my girl playing beauty shop, reading our book, and watching Punky Brewster. Not to mention that while I was doing laundry Hunter decided to turn off the tv in favor of doing math workbook pages. Miracle!
mopping, sweeping, and doing all of the laundry to start off michael's off week :)
I would like to thank The Simpsons for making sure my son knows all of my favorite bands. Just walked into the room and they were playing "Psycho Killer".
drayken was whining, pointing at his diaper, saying "boo boo". i checked to see if it was dirty and found a small spiral notebook. hmph.
Thank you Lord for providing us with two perfectly sized leotards for Ronin in the perfect colors and patterns, free of charge, via Kristi Summers. You never fail to meet our every need. :)
From Ronin: "I do not want to go to the Blue Kids on Knock concert. They are nerds to me. They look like hippies." I'm speechless.

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