Monday, March 20, 2006

Facebook status updates 3/17-3/19

Over at they are talking about the radiation levels in Japan (again, yawn) and a couple of comments have suggested the idea of prayer over the water and the ground (and I would widen that to include the people and the food, etc) in order to protect Japan from the terrible effects of radiation.
Immediately upon reading that I began to think of the praying I did during Hunter's radiation treatments. During each treatment I would pray that the radiation only being healing for him. That it wouldn't cause long term or short term pro...blems and would only get rid of the leukemia. I also asked his supporters to do the same. It will be a long time until we know about long term effects but we certainly know that he never got the mouth sores like pretty much ALL other people get from radiation and chemo. He only got sick one or two times. He really sailed through the treatments.

"Best Player" was so awesome! Jerry and Jennette are fabulous together!

It got so hot in my house today that my coconut oil melted. So I figured that I might as well take the opportunity to rub it all over my legs.

Just called my dad. For the heck of it. Because I missed him. :)

one kid in the bath, two clean and in pajamas and off somewhere playing quietly it seems. i'm at the kitchen table with all of the windows open. i can hear the birds and feel the breeze and i feel like i might doze off i'm feeling so relaxed.

play date with friends, stir fry for dinner, baths all around, put baby to bed, and then the big kiddos and i are going to pop popcorn and watch "best player" on tivo. sorta feels like spring break.

sat in the sun making headway on my book outlines. just when i think that the inspiration to work on it again will never return, it hits me out of the blue! i just have to remember that i'm giving myself a whole year to publish the rough draft version!

Drayken's naptime routine (which is usually Daddy's job) is so sweet. Go outside, sit on the floor and remove shoes, turn on tv to Animal Planet, curl up on the futon under covers and yell "DOG" until drift off to sleep.

Heck yes! Yard sale scores: Hardback super nice Hannah Montana book, five paperbacks including like new Ramona book we needed, 2 long sleeve HM shirts next size up and Camp Rock shirt next size up for Ro, AND little tykes picnic table for the kids. Grand total 14.50!

I am so thankful to live far enough away from the city that I can walk into my front yard and stand very still and hear and see so much of God's creation. I'm even more thankful that I have a toddler who enjoys nature enough to stand quietly and listen and watch with me. I have much to learn from this child.

So my stress related breathing issue is totally gone and I think it's because of the running. After two days, I already feel more energized and more like myself than I've felt in about three years. And I ordered a bike so even if I can't keep up with the running then at least I have a backup plan :)

Ronin asked me what the book was that I had brought home. "Heidi". She wanted to know what it was about so I explained. She said, "OH! Like "Punky Brewster". Pretty much, yeah, actually.

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