Monday, March 20, 2006

Facebook status updates 3/16-3/14

Legs Hurt. Finished Day 2 of The Couch-to-5K Running Plan. Yikes. Not sure I can do this.
I am still soaking in my boy. He's been home two months now and every time we snuggle up in bed together I feel thankful. He is a gift.
so very quiet here. hunter could sit in silence all day and all night. i'm starting to really appreciate that about him.
Had to abandon an annoying game of Barbie ice cream shop. My doll had to call the cops on some other dolls who came in and wrecked my store and were naked. Hmph. Some people.
Listening to the kids cackle in unison while watching "The Simpsons" together in Hunter's room. Normally we use D's nap time to do math and read books. But I'm going to just leave the to be happy together :)
Just did day one of Couch to 5K. It sucked. Anyone else want to give up after the first day? I need a lot of encouragement! I want to focus on the fact that I didn't give up though. I did complete it!
Basking in party afterglow. Nothing so precious as the look of surprise and joy on a child's face. Especially a child that has been so sad so recently.
Snuggled in bed with a couple of napping boys and watching "psych". Gotta rest up for the big party party party!!
It's your birthday! Get up at three am and demand that books be read. And dont forget to traipse through the house. Show no respect for your mother's need for sleep. Doesn't matter that she needs to drive to Nashville first thing in the morning and then throw you a Party in the evening. Nooo let's party now!
Exactly two years ago I was starting a labor that would end in the most healing amazing waterbirth. It was the perfect way to end my experiences with giving birth and to begin my journey as mom of three. Happy Birthday Drayken Giovanni. You rocked my world and you make me down right giddy with your sweetness. Beware the boys born on the Ides of March!
R is singing a rock song called "pee on Liz lemon and poop on Jack Donaghy".
Hunter was introduced to the idea of skip counting by ten yesterday. Mastered it immediately. Introduced to the concept of alphabetical order today. Mastered it immediately. I think this waiting until they are ready for skills and are naturally drawn to them really has merit. So much easier to "get" something when your brain is ready for it.

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