Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Day of Building Play

This day reminded us why we rarely get out toys, particularly building toys, when Drayken is awake. Everything we would build, he'd tear down as soon as it was finished. This led to great frustration and annoyance, especially for Hunter who has no patience for imperfection.

If you have experience dealing with toddlers who torment their older siblings by leaving paths of destruction, I'd love to hear your advice :)


  1. I have no advice, but the same happens here every. Single. Day. Jack is like a 35 pound Godzilla when it comes to leaving destruction in his path. It's sloooooooowly getting better, but David and Henry have zero patients for it.

  2. No advice on the destruction - lol - although, I'm the frustrated one with my preschooler. He still tears them down the second we get something built.

    [I forgot ALL about Lincoln Logs! thanks for the reminder!!]

    Thanks for linking up to It's Playtime this week, I hope to see more of your ideas next Thursday too!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow


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