Monday, February 14, 2011

The Valentine's Day Fairy

Early this morning, the Valentine's Day Fairy left some special treats for three special children.

A JoBro Crayola Color Explosion set for a little boy.

Hannah Montana Watch, Buttons, Headbands, and shirt
(Walmart clearance... grand total =$8.25)

Candy Candy Candy for a certain crazed toddler.

Heart-themed pancakes

Ro had to show off her new HM shirt in a picture.
She is 5 going on 15.

My honey brought me a huge bag of organic juicing carrots for Valentine's Day.
He knows my love language.

Happy Valentine's Day, folks.

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  1. Happy (late) Valentine's Day! How do you get your pancakes so perfect looking? Are they from a mix or scratch? They look like the ones my mom made that I haven't been able to replicate. A non-stick pan maybe?


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