Friday, February 25, 2011

Update on Hunter

Hunter is doing well. He is now on steroids because he was diagnosed with Graph Vs. Host Disease (where his sister's cells "wake up", realize they are no longer in Ronin's body, and then attack Hunter's body) in his upper and lower GI tracts. He is now eating us out of house and home (seriously, send scraps our way! :)) He is also now taking blood pressure medication but should be able to come off of that after he is off the steroids in a couple of months. Next Tuesday, March 1st (exactly 12 years after mine and Michael's first date) he will have his bone marrow biopsy. Please pray that it comes back showing that Hunter is still 100% sporting his sister's marrow and that he is LEUKEMIA FREE!! In theory, assuming the biopsy comes back clean, he will be able to have his line removed. He REALLY wants his Hickman line removed by his birthday. With its removal it means no more painful dressing changes, no more daily flushing, and he'll be able to stop taking a few of his meds. Also, no more covering it up for a shower... and he'll be able to splash in the bathtub. We'll be able to take him out into public (at odd hours and select places) AND take him swimming. The line removal is a huge milestone and will most likely improve his mood once it's out! His 7th birthday is March 11. We are planning a fun intimate party with a Simpson's theme (we are on the look out for Simpson's items if you happen to have some stuff you'd like to pass on).

Thanks so much for the support and prayers. Your love has made this difficult ordeal much easier.

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