Friday, February 25, 2011

My Reverse Bucket List

Been thinking a lot lately about all of the things that I want to accomplish but simply cannot right now. So, when I saw this post over at Suburban Turmoil, I realized that I might feel better if I focused on some of the things I've already done. Not all of these things were necessarily goals... or even good things. But they are things that I've experienced that have made me me. As I think of things, I'll add them. Making this list has helped me think of things to add to my actual bucket list though. Better get started on making that list so that I can determine what I am able to do today. Now. Because there is no better time than now, right?

1. Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in psychology
2. Won Most Outstanding Senior in Psychology year 2000
3. Snuck up front at an R.E.M. concert, said, "I love you" in sign language and Michael Stipe said, "I love you too".
4. Attended the world's largest "Seinfeld" fairwell party.
5. Did a presentation in front of my entire school... in Kindergarten.
6. Was Maid of Honor in someone's wedding.
7. Lost 50 lbs and kept it off.
8. Changed my diet and lifestyle permanently.
9. Survived a 40 hour labor.
10. Walked down the aisle to an ABBA song.
11. Had my picture made with every member of the B-52's.
12. Was dumped by a ridiculously gorgeous artist the day before our wedding.
13. Was the lead in a play.
14. Had a letter published in Muppet Magazine when I was 8.
15. Was photo editor of the yearbook in high school.
16. Received an awesome (surprise) award for my efforts on the school's newspaper in high school.
17. Had the best after school job in town.
18. Married a pirate.
19. Traveled around to Renaissance Faires for the better part of a year.
20. Dressed outrageously for school and loved every minute of the ridicule.
21. Gave birth in water.
22. Flew (for the first time) to California by myself.
23. Started and ran a nonprofit organization.
24. Began anew with my dad.
25. Prayed for faith. Received it.
26. Volunteered at a counselor at the Pregnancy Support Center.
27. Contacted my 7th grade English teacher and told her how much she had meant to me.
28. Asked for forgiveness.
29. Stayed married. Even though I REALLY didn't want to.
30. Starred in and wrote for a television show.
31. Had over 100 pen pals at one point.
32. Became real life friends with one of my former pen pals.
33. Homeschooled my children.
34. Made friends. Real ones.
35. Rocked my high school reunion.
36. Had pregnancy pictures made.
37. Took up an interest in hiking (and will eventually do it).
38. Taught myself to cook.
39. Taught msyelf to bake.
40. Helped my husband start an amazing chocolate business.
41. Hosted a huge event called Mamapalooza Murfreesboro.
42. Dealt gracefully with my child having leukemia.
43. Danced at an 80s club wearing an ALF shirt with MAGS.
44. Was on the news and in the newspaper for many different reasons countless times in a four year period.
45. Let my mom go.
46. Sang Samantha Fox at karaoke and was hit on by a bunch of guys... after having two kids.
47. Felt better about my body after three kids and in my 30s than I ever did premotherhood.
48. Created art that I enjoyed displaying.
49. Stopped taking five different psychotropic medications that left me nonfunctioning and started a new life.
50. Attended a midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on Halloween with my husband.
51. Was baptized into Christ.
52. Started reading literature... and understanding and enjoying it.
53. Had my hair done at a fancy salon in Orlando.
54. Got my Chucks back.
55. Let a complete stranger stay with my family for two weeks.
56. Danced to "Cha Cha Slide" with Jennette McCurdy.
57. Breastfed for a total of 6 years.
58. Tandem nursed my son and daughter.
59. In a great feat of self control, I was a strict vegetarian for 12 (miserable) years.2.
60. Had a New Kids on the Block party for my 30th birthday.
61. Had pink hair when I turned 30.
62. Participated in and won a sex-themed quiz bowl in college.
63. Danced at every dance I ever attended.
64. When I was 7 I entered a Mother's Day Contest where I wrote a poem about my mom and won a bouquet of flowers for her.
65. A girl who, otherwise would not have been able to go, attended our senior prom because of me.
66. Did undergraduate research in the psychology department all four years in college... and subsequently earned a scholarship which averaged out to my earning $14.00 an hour for my work.
67. Started recycling.
68. Started composting.
69. Tried cloth diapering.
70. Tried homebirth again despite the fact that my first experience was not so great.
71. Replaced all chemical cleaners, cosmetic, and household products in my home with natural ones.
72. Wrote four plays.
73. Spent a week at a "Retreat" center for women. I went for depression... but it was mostly for women with addiction.
74. Overcame anorexia.
75. Saw the B-52s in concert five times.
76. Exchanged emails about marriage and parenting with Candace Cameron Bure.
77. Went above and beyond to create special experiences for my children during the past 7 months.
78. Gave a speech at my mother's funeral.
79. Got engaged after a string of fairytale-like events.
80. Made an A the first time I took neuropsych... although most people failed it.
81. Won an award for the FFA in tenth grade.
82. Completed a grief support group class.
83. Graduated as "Most Changed" class member in our Dynamic Marriage class.


  1. i enjoyed reading this. i especially liked # 3 (i did not know that!) and # 32 :)

  2. "Walked down the aisle to an ABBA song."

    Which one? (I adore ABBA)

    For reals, you and I should hang out some time. We'd have sooooo much fun together.

  3. great post! just what I needed today.

  4. Congrats on the neuropsych! I was also one of many who almost failed it when I took it. Huge struggle for me.


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