Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flexibility Mints

Months ago... and I do mean MONTHS (before Hunter got sick), Ronin found a cook book for kids at Goodwill. She brought it home and immediately picked out these (God forbidden) GREEN mints made with (gasp) powdered sugar. She decided that she wanted to make them.
She's gotten the book out at least ten times and asked to make the mints each time since then.

Fast forward ten or so months... and I finally remember to buy the powdered sugar at the store (what? we never shop the middle aisles at regular super markets and when we are at places like Whole Foods, it never occurs to us to look at things like sugar).

So today was the day that we were going to make the mints. I had just assumed that we'd skip the green food coloring. I have food coloring in the house... but it's for art projects. Not food. Right?

But the green food coloring was really important to her. And the recipe only called for two drops. At first I said no. I said we could just leave them white and brown. But she got this really sad look on her face and I realized that I was being a real killjoy. So I apologized and we added the two stinkin' drops of food coloring. And it felt amazing.

The whole thing felt like the opposite of a parenting fail. Would that be a parenting pass?

She looks beyond blissful, doesn't she?


  1. Good job, Mama! She looks really, really happy. :)

  2. Definatly a parenting pass :)
    She looks so delighted.

  3. Awesome job, Mama! She does look blissful and they look yummy!

  4. Yay! Yes, a pass. They look great and she looks so happy! Funny for me, too, because we purchased green Oreos in the store today. That ought to make you feel better! Still can hardly believe it.
    Purchased. GREEN!. Oreos. Oh my.
    It was SO important to my son. I almost felt like God rested a hand and told me to go with joy, buy the darn cookies, and get on with it. I did. My boy was so thankful.

  5. A little green went a long way! Lifes simple pleasures!! You keep me laughing Mandy and laughter is medicine to the soul!

  6. I am thrilled to read this post. There are more important things in life than denying your child food coloring once in a while! She does look very happy.


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