Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost two

As we get closer to Drayken's 2nd birthday, I've started to notice just how much he's grown up lately. Not to mention the fact that his level of cuteness is through the roof. Just look at him

doing Dot Art

experimenting with watercolors

juicing oranges

and playing a fun game we invented using a basket, a dump truck and a bunch of Disney Weebles.

As a result of dumping the Weebles over and over and over again...

a few of them cracked open.
But that was okay because he just had a chance to really examine the insides.

He found a "Mimee" Weeble.
When Hunter was this age he called Mickey Mouse "Mimee".
He would get us a pen and a paper and ask us to "Draw Mimee" and we would.
Now Drayken calls Mickey Mouse "Mimee".

Drayken will be two years old on March 15. He's a doll, a ton of fun, and a sweetie.
Looking forward to all of the fun we will be having.

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  1. He is such a cutie! He and Lyric share a birthday. She will be 7 on March 15:-)


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