Saturday, January 1, 2011

My weekend with Hunter!

I've gotten to spend the last three weekends with Hunter. These photos are from the first weekend we spent together... which was the first time we spent together since his transplant. It was a wonderful few days and I was sorry to see it end. But I was excited to come back the next weekend!

When Hunter would be unhooked from his "leash" (or fluids, TPN and lipids) he would go WILD. Here he is putting on his socks so that he could leave the room.
And here he is getting ready to do some John Deere bowling.

Watching him literally RUNNING made my heart leap with joy!

So happy to be reunited!


Hunter working on some sticker mosaics.

This puzzle may be small but it was quite challenging.

Merry Christmas!

We played with some Bendaroos. This is a small houseplant that I made.

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