Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dreams can come true...

Especially when you have amazing friends. A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that Hunter had volunteered to give me his wish so that we could go meet the cast of "The Office". There was no WAY that I would even consider letting that happen but I posted it because it was super sweet. Hunter's a fan and has seen pretty much every episode. We even spent some time on Christmas day watching holiday episodes of "The Office" together in the hospital, by his request. And he was pretty pumped that his dad ordered me a Dwight bobblehead for Christmas. But it still wasn't his wish so there was no way I would be able to take it from him.

Well, to make a long story short, some thoughtful and kind friends saw this post and their dad, who is also my friend, happens to know Mr. Creed Bratton (because Mr. Bratton used to play in a band called the Grass Roots and this friend of mine is and has been a successful musician for much of his life. So they know each other that way. Anyway, these friends bent over backwards and then showed up at our house with this:

The coolest part? Mr. Bratton's autographed photo is also an invitation... to visit the set of "The Office" as his guest. And it looks like we might just be able to go thanks to Make a Wish.

Guys, "The Office" is my favorite tv show. Ever. And what's crazy is that I have literally dreamed that I was a cast member or a writer or friends with the cast weekly for the last several years. It never fails. The dreams are always a little different but they are always the same in that I wake up thinking that those people are living my dream. So we'll see. I hope it happens. But even if it doesn't then it's still pretty awesome that we were invited... and even more awesome that God shows me over and over again that I have amazing friends.


  1. s0000 very cool!:) I missed Thursday's will HULA it tonight!:) Thankful that God is showing Himself to you in such creative ways....!

  2. yay! it warmed my heart to be able to present this to you guys. xoxo


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