Thursday, December 9, 2010

When a girl turns Five: Part 1

There is just something magical about turning five as I recall. I started school when I was five. Got my ears pierced when I was five. My fifth birthday cake had Care Bears on it. This year I wanted to make Ronin's birthday really special so we are celebrating early just in case we are at the Ronald McDonald house by New Year's Day (her actual birthday). We are having an ALL GIRL'S party (no boys allowed... even Drayken is being banished) and that way Hunter and Daddy don't feel too left out. Tomorrow we'll have over three girls and their moms for a special evening of pedicures, girly Mad Libs, arts and crafts, Just Dance, hot dogs (yes, hot dogs) and chocolate meringue pie from Miller's Cafe'. At least this is the plan. We'll see what actually happens. I have also begun the official tradition of giving my children the same number of gifts to match the number that they are turning like my mom did for me. So tomorrow Ronin will receive five gifts from me (and her dad and brothers) and then five more on her actual birthday. She was very easy to shop for this year. Below are some pictures of the tables I created for the party. I didn't spend a penny on any of it... except for the new tradition birthday candle plate that I bought for our family this week... an idea I'd been toying around with for a while (the purchasing of a special birthday plate that the special birthday Jones would eat from on his or her special day: $8.00 Tuesday Morning).

What do you think?

This is the gift table with flowers in vases.

The new traditional birthday plate.

The birthday girl's place setting.

Four different angle's of the centerpiece

The big picture


  1. Beautiful, and I love the plate idea! We have a birthday here on the 21st, hmm... Blessings- The Millers in NH

  2. Adorable! So pretty in pink. :) Happy birthday, Ronin!!

  3. Mandy,
    All I can say is, "WOW!" Ronin will definitely feel extra special for her birthday!:)


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