Sunday, December 19, 2010

When a Girl Turns 5: Part 2

On the day of the party, Grandpa (my dad) came by early in the morning to help me get ready and to deal with Drayken so that I could shower. He also brought with him some cool gifts.

In the afternoon, some friends came to the party (which I should have had start three hours later it seems... I felt like such a bad host that everyone else wasn't here yet). The girls did some crafts (decorated felt heart ornaments with puffy paint and glitter and made "iCarly cootie catchers") while we waited for the other guests to arrive.
They also did manicures. :)
Once everyone had arrived, we played "Pin the Crown on the Princess". Ronin had requested "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" but that sounded pretty lame to me so I asked her if she preferred an alternative like "Pin the Crown on the Princess" and she loved that idea. Then I realized that meant I'd have to come up with the game so... hmmm.... Mama Carollyn to the rescue as always!

Ronin received many many gifts. I got her this Hannah Montana pillow on clearance back in the summer.
And this Birthday Party Eeboo game, also on clearance.
Eventually we ate our hot dogs and drank our Zevia sodas and then it was time to bust out the extremely pricey pies and to NOT sing to the birthday girl (she insisted that we skip the song). But she did make a wish and blow out her candles.
The lovely ladies at the lovely table.

It was a lovely evening and I'm so glad that Ronin's friends were able to join us. I liked having a smaller, more intimate gathering. Made the evening much less stressful.

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  1. Mandy~

    Happy (Belated) Birthday to Ronin!

    Since leaving Facebook I'm basically like a mountain man living in rural West Virginia.

    Out. of. the. loop. LOL

    I stop by here often, though--looking for information about Hunter. I'm happy to hear the transplant went well. I'll continue to keep him in my prayers.

    We wish you, The Captain, Hunter, Ronin & Drayken a very merry Christmas...and of course, a happy and HEALTHY 2011!!!



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