Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rockin' the Bolthouse Farms Smoothies

What can I say? We love Bolthouse Farms! From the time Hunter first went into the hospital until now, we have been depending upon their bottled drinks for necessary nutrition. I had never really been big on buying bottled smoothies before Hunter's diagnosis and I still prefer to make my own. But our reality was that it because very challenging to make smoothies and fresh juices when we were confined to a hospital room for weeks on end. There was simply no way. So we began depending upon two Bolthouse Farms varieties in particular... Green Goodness and Blue Goodness. Hunter loved the taste and when eating became too much for him, he was at least able to continue to drink. Once I saw how many of these drinks we were going through during Hunter's illness, I wrote Bolthouse Farms an email explaining our story and asking if they would be interested in donating a few bottles of their delicious drinks in exchange for a shout out on my blog! They responded immediately.

Even though Hunter is at home now and I am better able to make fresh juices and smoothies for him, we still keep a few bottles of Bolthouse Farms on hand for when making something fresh isn't exactly convenient. He often takes his medication with the drinks or has a small glass as a snack. We are consistently pleased with these products. Recently I even tried the Vanilla Chai Tea protein drink and it was delicious. It reminded me of eggnog only it's vegan! Hunter liked it as well and it's a great source of protein.

Thank you Bolthouse Farms! We appreciate your products and your donation so much!

And if you have never tried these delicious drinks, pick some up on your next grocery outing. They have a flavor or variety to fit any and all tastes.


  1. Mandy that is awesome! We like the Naked brand so I haven't tried those ones. Will have to do so when we have some money to do so. :) I love that they donated some. Brilliant!

  2. Mandy, Bolthouse Farms in my backyard! Seriously, I'm less than 5 miles away! I'm so glad they responded positively to your letter -- what a blessing!


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