Saturday, January 1, 2011

Organizing my Goals for Execution in the New Year

As I mentioned in this post, I am pretty overwhelmed with the new responsibilities I will be facing the new year. So, when I sat down last weekend and considered what goals I'd like to set and how on earth I would be able to work on them, I decided to just consider January through March at first. And I decided to only set one or two general goals per month and to focus on about two or three specific goals per day. And even this sounds like a lot. Maybe even too much. But I must try to start working towards putting something other than chaos back in to my days.

I divided my goals into three categories: spiritual, physical, personal.

Prayer (specifically aloud with children)
Bible reading
Learning scripture
Listening to hymns
Listening to sermons

Make appointments for and use at least two of my massages before the end of March
Exercise 2 hrs/week
Follow up with Dani at Cool Springs Family Medicine (at least by phone)

Continue to blog
Follow through with my commitment to blog at Nashville Parent Magazine
Get and use purse (did it!!)
Read three entire books (currently I'm working on finishing up Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow, A Mother's Heart by Linda Fleming, The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian, and Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver)
Play with Kids More (worked on this yesterday when I played with Ronin and Drayken for two hours in the yard)
Learn to Upload Music to my Ipod (particularly from my old cds)
Create master grocery lists (stole this idea from Sherry but my sister-in-law suggested it to me a while ago)
Plan a mom's night out at Jozoara
Plan cupcake decorating class for 15 friends at Sparkle Cupcake Company

And though we are still "unschoolers", I felt the need to actually write down some "schoolish" goals for the kids so that we can move forward with purpose with our learning goals.

Explode the Code Book 1
Math U See Primary

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (we are on lesson 28 right now)
Math U See Primary (she has not been enjoying math so we've taken a break recently)

Reading (titles like Winnie the Pooh, Captain Underpants, Harry Potter, and Encyclopedia Brown have been choices recently)
Mad Libs
Games (we have received and will still receive many new games and I want to make a point of actually playing them...when Drayken is napping of course)
Building toys (Lego, Zoobs, Lincoln Logs, etc)
Arts and Crafts
Outdoor/nature time
Exposure to plenty of appropriate music (to counteract the love of top 40 in Ronin... j/k... sort of)

How do I plan on actually executing these goals without making myself nuts?

Like this:

Play Hymns
Prayer: personal goals/issues
Yoga/pilates: 30 mins or 2 15 mins

Headsprout/100 Easy Lessons
Mad Libs

Play Classical Music
Read Bible/learn scripture
Blog entry for Parent Magazine

Headsprout/100 Easy Lessons
Explode the Code
Building toys

Play folk music
Prayer: Husband/Marriage
Just Dance 30 mins/ 2 15 mins

Headsprout/100 Easy Lessons
Outdoors/Nature (will eventually incorporate "Growing Up Wild" at Wilderness Station on this day)

Play Jazz Music
Prayer: Children
Play with kids (will do this spontaneously throughout the week but this notation keeps me from neglecting my intention)

Headsprout/100 Easy Lessons
Math U See

Play blues Music
Prayer: bsuiness/finances/career goals
Rebounder 30 mins/ 2 15 mins (through a couple episodes of the Office maybe ;)

Headsprout/100 Easy Lessons

Play classical music
Prayer: others
Ball/weights: 30 mins/2 15 mins

Math U See
Explode the Code

Play Hymns
Listen to a sermon on my iPod (I even got some ear buds for JUST this reason)
Catch up on my blog

Arts & Crafts/Cooking
Devotional/Bible Story

I realize that it's not perfect and it certainly barely skims the surface of what all I want to accomplish but this difficult time in my life is only temporary. I will be thrilled if I can keep up with this for three months... and then I'll reevaluate what worked and what didn't. :) The first step in making it happen is making sure that the large dry erase board has been hung in my hall way. I work well with writing down goals for a day and then marking them off!

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you have had a lovely day ringing in the new year. I was sleeping well before midnight last night and today I got up early and finished packing up for my ten day stay here at Hunter's aftercare facility. We had a small birthday party for Ronin which I'll blog about as soon as I have the patience to deal with uploading photos on this unfamiliar computer. Hunter has slept most of the day. It's really quiet here.

oh, and I love my hair. ;)


  1. Your new blog design and photo are beautiful, Mandy! And your goal plan looks awesome. May the Lord bless your family with health, peace and love in the new year!

  2. I am very impressed by your goals and your plan to build them into your day. I made two lousy goals and I hope to meet them, but it's a start, as I've never had "resolutions" before.


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