Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Now that I am 33

Last week I had a birthday.  I felt like death warmed over (from exhaustion and stress) all day long but it was nice to have my dad and his wife visit for a while.DSC06256 And of course, being bit by a horse will make any day one to be remembered.  As a matter of fact, I’m remembering it right now as I type because my fingers are still sore.  Horses have large, dirty looking chompers.


I like to set goals on my birthday.  I usually go overboard with the goal setting but this year I have just decided upon three goals.  Hopefully these will help prevent me from trying to work on things that aren’t part of my “big picture”.  My three goals are as follows:

1.  Complete the Couch to 5K running program.

2.  Move forward with drive and goals with Ridiculous Chocolate.

3.  Pray about and make a game plan which will move me in the direction toward becoming a midwife’s assistant.

I feel really good about these goals.  I think that they accurately represent what is truly important to me and will help me to focus instead of flailing about in the wind, working a little bit on this and a little bit on that.  I think I can finally lay to rest some things that I was trying to do that just weren’t resonating with me. 

There are a few other things that I intend to work on… like learning how to use Windows Movie Maker and creating episodes of a webshow to be posted online, finding an agent for Ronin and helping her with her movie making, and writing decent articles for Nashville Parent Magazine.   But I think that having my kid get sick has helped me to realize what was actually important to me.  I haven’t even thought about a few of the side projects I used to do in so long.  And I’m exhausted by the idea of going back to working on them.  So I’m letting them go.  I appreciate the opportunity to learn what is truly important to me. 


  1. Happy birthday goals! Life requires regular re-evaluating so we can sculpt away that which is no longer a priority. Thankful to see you had a pleasant(?) visit from your dad and his wife. Love always, Cindy

  2. Oh! I set a goal to train for a 5k or half marathon about a year ago that I have yet to start on. We should team up!!


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