Monday, December 27, 2010

Hunter's Christmas Day Open House

As I've stated here before, Hunter is a big fan of hospitality. I've often said of him in the past that I think he might one day open his own bed and breakfast. He just loves to welcome and serve people. So when I decided that I was going to be at the hospital with him on Christmas day, I came up with a way to really embrace that personality trait that would also make the day extra special... because there are no two ways about it... being stuck in a hospital on Christmas is simply the pits.
Hunter and I spent Christmas Eve Night watching "Santa Buddies" and making special Christmas key chains and creating book marks for his staff that would be here on Christmas Day. We also made signs which we hung in the nurse's station and we created a "Welcome to our Party" sign for the front of our door. On Christmas morning, we decorated another Giant Gingerbread Man from Trader Joe's while we visited with my dad and step mom.
After we spent some time watching "Despicable Me" (I tell ya, I've not watched movies in years and I've learned that it's not that I hate movies as much as it is the whole having a toddler around thing that keeps me from being able to concentrate), Hunter put on his "Santa Costume" (he put on his red jacket over his red flannel pjs, stuck on his red and blue hat and scarf set, his new Santa slippers and, get this, taped a white wash cloth to his face as a beard). He then paraded through the unit showing off his outfit to the nursing staff and then quickly ran back to the room and took it all off before I had a second to photograph him. Turns out that he had invented a game. This game was called "Find What I Was Wearing". He took all of the pieces of his costume (except the pjs... he was wearing those still) and hid them all over his room. Then he went to the nurse's station and wrangled up the staff that was loitering about and told them it was time for our holiday open house. By this time, I had some classical Christmas music playing (LOVING that station on Pandora this year) and I had tidied up the room and neatly placed all of our goodies on the table. Hunter announced that it was time to play his game and for about five minutes there was laughter and shouting of "I found it!" in our room. He loved it. I loved it. They loved it. Everyone picked a special gift and thanked us for having them. It was short lived but worth all of the preparation. After shift change, Hunter and one of his male care partners (who happens to be very large and therefore very fun to play with) went around the unit handing out Ridiculous Chocolate. And at some point Hunter also handed out a few more of the handmade gifts.
While we waited on shift change, we spent some time watching Christmas episodes of "The Office". Also, Papa and Mimi (Hunter's other grandfather and his great grandmother) dropped by very quickly in front of the main lobby doors to hand me all of my bathroom stuff that I had left at home as a result of being on brain overload and some food (because the food court was closed and I was without much to eat). Because Hunter's transplant team felt it was acceptable for him to leave the unit during the weekend since there would hardly be anyone here in the building, I took Hunter downstairs with me. So Hunter got to love on even more grandparents and that was pretty cool.
We spent the evening watching "Elf" in bed and cuddling. I woke up a few hours later with him in my arms. It was as lovely of a Christmas as a person can possibly have in a hospital. And it was an honor to be able to spend it with him. I have to admit, I cannot wait for next year though.

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  1. Mandy - I am so happy to hear about your Christmas with Hunter and so happy that you were able to spend it with him. I also want you to know that you are amazing and you can do anything that you want to do. All that business about 79 different meds is only a way for God to show you that you can do it! xoxo


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