Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks(giving) to Chef Julio!

Chef Julio is a local "celebrity" so to speak. He owns a little cafe called "The Chef's Place" which started out in a different location and only really sold meals to go, either fresh or frozen. Now it has moved to the square in down town Murfreesboro and while they still sell a small selection of frozen entrees, soups, etc. they are mostly a dine in operation these days. I tried to link to a site for them but didn't have any luck. But I did find this neat little clip about the place that you might enjoy! Chef Julio is also a member at the same church as our family (even though we haven't been in forever). To make a long story short, Chef Julio offered to cater our early Thanksgiving meal as a gift. Friday, the Captain picked up the meal, brought it home, and we dug in. I was so exhausted and felt extremely scattered so I didn't take as many or the right kind of photos as I had planned but you can sorta see the meal in the pictures! We had a whole turkey (and I later cooked the remains with onion and herbs over night in my crock pot to make turkey stock), stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pecan pie. It was all amazing! Hunter even talked about how much he loved the food, especially the gravy (little did I know that he would like gravy as much as I do... I saved the rest of it for after his transplant with hopes to use it to entice him to eat some potatoes or some more turkey when his appetite is weak). We also got out some special dishes that my dad brought to me recently. These dishes were a gift from my dad to my mom for either her high school graduation or for a wedding anniversary. I keep forgetting to ask him. I remember hating them as a child but they aren't so bad now. I kind of like them. I'd like them even more if I had an orange or blue/green table cloth to go with them. They are perfect for autumn and I think I'll make it my tradition to use them every Thanksgiving and I'll move the pewter up to birthdays and Christmas :).

It was so terribly nice to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal (and tons of leftovers that lasted us for days. I mean DAYS) already prepared. That was one less thing I had to worry about, our family was able to celebrate the holiday together early, and I didn't spend hours in the kitchen and instead I was able to soak up more time with my boy before he left. That was the best part of all. Thank you so much, Chef Julio!

The Chef's Place offers a Thanksgiving meal that is very reasonably priced and I can vouch for the fact that the food is amazing. If you would prefer to not cook for the holiday this year and you live locally, give Chef Julio a call. He'll hook you up with a great meal for a great price.

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  1. Loved reading this & I wish we lived near by so we could eat at Chef Julio's restaurant. This is a wonderful act of kindness that is sure to come back to him many times over. Thanks Chef for feeding my dear friend Mandy & her wonderful family!


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