Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Helping Our Family During the Holidays and Transplant

Thank you for wanting to help this family during Hunter’s bone marrow transplant and recovery!

As you probably know, we sent out some food guidelines in September that were a little intimidating. We had lots of restrictions which made it difficult for everyone that really wanted to help this sweet family!

Well, Mandy has enjoyed the items that we’ve brought SO much… and they have been SUCH a blessing to her… that she has agreed to relax some of those guidelines a bit so that we are able to make some things we’re more comfortable with! J

Hunter’s bone marrow transplant (and Ronin’s donation) are currently set for November 22nd. For the next couple of months after that, Hunter and Michael will be in isolation at Vanderbilt.

Mandy has been blessed with a friend that has come to stay with her for a couple of months while Michael and Hunter are away. So there will be 2 adults and 2 small children to feed. Please try to freeze things in single servings to make preparation easier.

The family still prefers to eat a vegetarian diet, however here is what has been added to the list of ingredients that CAN be used:

· Turkey

· Chicken

· Beef (in casseroles, soups – they don’t need steaks/etc)

· Fish

· Cheese

· Milk

· Eggs

· Butter

We’re still staying clear of the following:

· White flour

· Sugar

· Preservatives (cream of soups, etc)

They still prefer the following types of foods:

· Organic beans/bean dishes

· Organic Vegetable dishes

· Amy’s Cheeseless pizzas (Kroger)

  • healthy muffins/breads/cakes
  • frozen cut up fruit for smoothies/sorbets
  • casseroles
  • soups/stews/chilis
  • veggie dishes (just plain, simple vegetable side dishes)
  • Amy's brand cheeseless pizzas
  • homemade broths
  • homemade pizza crusts
  • local eggs (if anyone has a source)


Freezer foods can be put in the Fellowship Hall freezer (which is in the back left corner of the FH kitchen) – walk into the refrigerator and turn right to open the walk-in freezer. There is a large plastic bin in the floor labeled for the Jones family.

There is a labeled area in the FH fridge for refrigerated items as well. It’s the right of the door.

Pantry type foods and other gifts can be placed in a bin on the wall in the Commons area outside Fellowship Hall. This bin is labeled for the Jones family.


Mandy has also expressed interest in getting some hot meals once a week… as well as some fresh cut organic veggies and fruits once a week until just before Christmas. We may extend that based on the family’s situation at that time.

I have set up an account on Care Calendar. Please sign up where you can!

I have set up an account on Care Calendar. Please sign up where you can! - Calendar ID: 56387, Security Code: 1159


The Jones' have lots of needs and could certainly use gift cards! They have a lot of expenses right now... and gift cards to the following places would be VERY helpful:

The two above are their primary grocery shopping locations

  • Jason’s Deli
  • Blue Coast Burrito
  • Publix
  • Kroger (they will use these for gas)
  • The Chef Place

These gift cards could be something your small group could chip in on. If you purchase a gift card, please get it to me or mail it directly to the Jones' at:

Mandy Jones

1391 Harrison Road

Murfreesboro, TN 37128


Something else that would be fantastic to help this family is to mail Ronin some cards and letters of encouragement! She is saving her brother’s life in a couple of weeks, and she needs our prayers and encouragement as well! Those can be sent to the above address to the attn of Ronin Jones! Of course, cards/letters to Hunter are wonderful as well!

A few more ways to help…

If you’d like to get toys/gift items for Hunter or Ronin, here are some places you can go:

Ronin's Wish List

Hunter's Wish List

To request the Lego Wish list, send Mandy a note at and she will email it to you.



Of course, they also need your prayers. For healing, comfort, patience, strength... you name it! They are about to enter a very difficult phase in Hunter’s treatment and I’m sure it will be extremely challenging.

Thank you so much for being willing to bless this family during this difficult time!

Jill Speight :-)

Email me:

Text or call me: 653-8020

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