Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green Halloween®: A Wrap Up

What with all of the excitement of going to meet Jennette McCurdy on Halloween, a lot of the things I had planned for the holiday didn't come to pass. We didn't get a chance to carve a pumpkin and we've NEVER carved pumpkins so I felt bummed about that. And we didn't have even one Trick or Treater, unless you count my brother and sister in law! Plus, I never got around to trying the craft I was hoping to do. But we did watch "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and we read some spooky books, did some monster Mad Libs, ate off our Halloween plates, and had a few people over for a small gathering.

At the playdate, I made a punch that was pretty popular: organic Trader Joe's orange, strawberry, banana juice with blueberry ice cubes. The idea was to make an orange and purple punch that was festive yet dye free. I think grape juice would have made a nicer color but the blueberry juice created a great flavor. Maybe the color was a little less vivid than I'd hoped for but it tasted amazing.

Hunter didn't want to wear a costume but I joked that he was dressed as Eminem.

The night before Halloween we ended up at the big celebration at the Avenue. We've been before and let me assure you that we'd never seen crowds this big at this event. Holy smokes.

I guess at the last minute Hunter told his grandmother that he wanted an R2D2 costume (or she just felt like making one) because he'd told me he was going to wear last year's WALL-E costume when I offered him any costume in the world several weeks ago. So this is what he ended up wearing. He received a lot of attention from it but it was uncomfortable to walk in and ripped after he'd had it on for about 30 minutes. The moral of the story:
Do not make arm straps out of foam without reinforcements.

This Snow White costume is pretty darned green... a hand me down from a friend. I am forever thankful that my daughter isn't particular enough to care that the shoe was missing a charm and that it was a bit ripped. She just happily wore it and that is awesome.
And I think that this costume is a hand me down from Drayken's cousin Kayla... but I could have gotten it somewhere else. Either way, it's definitely used and pretty green. :) The original plan had been to put him in a handed down turtle costume but that sucka didn't fit.

All in all, a nice and green Halloween. Next year, I'll do better.


  1. It seems to me you did pretty good this year!

  2. I agree with Mom and Kiddo!
    And we didn't care what color the punch was, it was yummo!

  3. It sounds like it was a blast! I'm so happy to hear you had a lot fun. If you need some more Green ideas check out CelebrateGreen.net

    I love their videos.


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