Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Celebrating Daddy's birthday and Christmas morning, with a twist

This past week, we had to cram an awful lot of celebrating into only a few days. We were celebrating the Captain's birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the big step of moving forward towards healing for Hunter. I tricked the kids into thinking that I had ordered a cake from Whole Foods that said "Happy Birthday Mom and Dad" but it actually looked like this:

Isn't it gorgeous?

It was delicious too!

My in laws brought over some balloons for our festivities. Those are always a big hit!

And we even managed to surprise the Captain with some cool gifts that he actually seemed to like. I found the Star Wars Guess Who? and the South Park ornament (for ninety cents) at the beginning of the year. I had hoped that by the time we gave the game to Michael that Hunter would be a Star Wars fan and turns out, he is. He took the game with him to the hospital for him and his dad to play. It's a good one to play over and over again.

We had breakfast in our new Christmas pjs.

And I spent the better part of an hour taking holiday photos.

But I'm holding out faith that we'll all be able to at least see one another on Christmas.


  1. Great photos! The cake looks great and I love the Christmas PJ's! And I LOVE your yellow kitchen! :)

  2. i love the blending of the holidays/seasons (the kids are holding pumpkins while wearing christmas pjs) :)


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