Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You are invited... To Our Virtual Green Halloween® Party!

Since Hunter is home but his counts are SUPER low, I have decided to host a Green Halloween ®party right here at Bona Fide Mama. I had just volunteered to be a Green Halloween® representative for the Nashville area and received a response from Green Hills Whole Foods stating that they would like to help me host the event the week that Hunter was diagnosed. I was terribly sad to not be able to move forward with this fun and great cause but I knew that it was impossible for me to commit to such an endeavor. So, this will be my way of participating without having to expose anyone to little germies. I hope you will join us!

What can you expect?
Over the next two weeks, I'll post about Halloween related books, healthy treats & snacks, activities, movies, games, and eco-friendly crafts. We like to party for days and days around here so keep checking back... you never know when we will have been partying. And you can't get much more green than staying home for all of your Halloween fun!

How can you participate?
Host your own "virtual" Green Halloween® celebration.
Share your favorite healthy and earth friendly snacks or treats.
Show us pictures of your kids' recycled, upcycled, or handmade costumes.
Link back to my blog and share Hunter and Ronin's story.
Be creative. I don't like guidelines and rules. Just have fun!
Link to your posts in my comments. If I see something I especially love, I might ask you to be my guest for a day!


  1. A virtual Green Halloween - GREAT IDEA! What could be any greener then a virtual Halloween :)

  2. Mandy, you are one amazing Mama. What a fabulous idea! We'll help to spread the word! HUGS, Corey


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