Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wee Play and then we swim

Monday Ronin, Drayken and I attended the "Wee Play" class for 6 month - 2 year olds at Patterson Park Community Center. It was a pretty cute class. Ronin seemed to like it more than Drayken did. She loves babies so much so the entire time we were there, she was trying to play with the other babies. She even invented a game and helped with the parachute.

I think she looks to be about 17 in this photo. Sniff.
Drayken liked the class too I think. But despite the fact that there were rings...

and musical instruments...

Drayken was pretty preoccupied with the snaps on his onesie.

At one point he was drawn to crawling up and down the tube.

But as you can see, the snaps just kept drawing him back in.

After the class, we changed into our swimmies and played in the indoor pool for about an hour. Of course Ronin keeps reminding me that this was not nearly long enough. During the class she told me that it was the best day ever. She changed her mind and has since informed me that this was the worst day ever... all because we didn't stay in the pool as long as she wanted. Sigh.

After swimming we came home and had a front yard picnic.

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