Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trees, Coffee,and Hooping

Girl Day!! Ronin and I started our morning out with some playground climbing at our favorite little hidden area.

Then we spent some time with a couple of neat ladies identifying trees, chatting and enjoying the incredible weather. I will never understand why more people don't take advantage of these awesome parks and recreation programs.

Next we headed on over to our favorite coffee shop and had a cup of decaf (me) and a cup of apple cider (her) on the patio.

And finally we ended our special day together by attending something called "Hoop Jam". Ronin has been very interested in hula hooping as of late. My friend Shea is really into it so she invited us to attend this event at the park. The weather was perfect. And as I was leaving Shea presented me with my very own hoop custom made by her. She even used neon colors because she knows how much I love them. Her idea was that when things get tough around here, just grab my hoop, crank up some tunes, and head to the front yard and shake it. I think that I could certainly find comfort in such an activity. :) Maybe this will be a new hobby for me.
Who knows?

I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous weekend as much as we did.

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