Monday, October 25, 2010

Five in a Row: The Rag Coat

Crazy quilt pictures with muted colored pencil colors to mimic the colors in the book.

This YouTube video about how yarn is made...

and then a trip across the street to check out the cotton fields.

We used the Captain's geeky lighted glasses in our very dark bathroom to help us understand what it might be like to be inside of a coal mine.

Tanegram magnet art... Hunter says that this is a dragonfly inside of his quilt pattern.

We didn't especially love this book. It was a little depressing and long so we only read it twice. Trying not to focus too much on death these days.

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  1. We skipped The Rag Coat...We will skip Who Owns the Sun.

    I am not ready for these yet.

    We are praying for Hunter, Ronin, and the whole family!

    Love you,


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