Thursday, October 7, 2010

Five in a Row: Lentil

It was so much fun to do a Five In a Row book while Hunter was at home. I chose "Lentil" by Robert McCloskey because it seemed like a book Hunter would like... and it was. We read it three times over the week long period and we had fun discussing the book, the story, the pictures, and other elements.

We identified the elements of a good story and Ronin wrote a story:
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Louanne. She was six years old and lived in Murfreesboro. She liked to ride horses. She had one horse named Bluejeans. (setting the stage) Louanne was riding Bluejeans in the yard and she fell off of the horse. Bluejeans ran away. (conflict) Louanne's mom and dad looked for the horse and they found Bluejeans at a neighbor's house. (rising action) They used a truck to bring Bluejeans home because he was limping. They took Bluejeans to see a vet and then he died. (climax) Louanne felt frustrated and mad so she bought a dog at a pet store. (denouement)

If you watch "Hannah Montana" you will recognize some of the above story... but it's not entirely plagiarized.

One day we used lemon juice to help us understand why the lips of the band members puckered when they saw Old Sneep sucking on the lemon.

I found this neat youtube video from 1949 of "Comin' Round the Mountain", a song that is featured in this book.
And because "Lentil" was set in Ohio, we used this puzzle map of the United States as a reference. (I seriously need to buy a laminated map of the United States and of the world for my hallway.)


  1. costco has all kind of laminated maps..we just bought one last month!

  2. sounds like a wonderful week! We just got a huge map for our wall at barnes and noble for $5.96 ... they have laminated ones for $14.99 or a twin pack with a laminated USA AND a laminated world map for $22.95 .. not too bad ... we were cheap and went with the non laminated one but I heard that Santa was bringing the laminated ones for christmas.

  3. I love this. It sounds like you had a great time with the book. We have a huge 8x10 map of the USA rug that we got from Amazon a while back. My kids love to jump from state to state. I also print up maps from the coloring castle website.


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