Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enjoying life, high counts, high energy, and amazing weather

While Hunter (and the Captain for that matter) have been home this time, things have been much different than they were last time. He has felt fantastic the entire time he's been home. No fevers, no stomach aches, few headaches, and lots of energy. He's only taken a nap once while he's been here. Because his neutraphil count has been so high (thanks to a $4,000 shot), he's been able to go out into public some. He's also been able to visit with friends which is great for his spirit. We've spent time outside doing normal activities. It's been a lovely vacation from the harsh reality of what is to come. I've been thankful.

We visited Miller's Grocery for lunch one day and I made sure to have some family photos taken. This is one of my favorites.

A family hike on the Barfield trail was so lovely.
Hasn't Ronin grown so much since this time last year?
I think she looks so much older now.

We carried on a fun tradition of spring/fall picnics in the front lawn.

And we were given a gift card for Cracker Barrel so yesterday we enjoyed a trip there for lunch. I loved that Hunter could put his little fingers on the infamous golf tee game without giving me a heart attack (but don't think I didn't have my hand sanitizer ready to squirt).

Today we have a meeting with the transplant team and then Hunter heads back to the hospital for more chemo starting on Thursday. Please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Praying for you and thinking of you!!

  2. I'm so glad to see you had a little reprieve -- and a little more pink in Hunter's cheeks!

    Still praying... (((hugs)))

  3. I'm glad to hear Hunter is feeling so great! It's nice to see you guys having fun as a family.


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