Friday, September 10, 2010

Our last day

So, this turned out to be our last day with Hunter at home. That morning he and I went to a few yard sales. We visited with friends on the back porch for a while that evening. Glad that I snapped these few pictures.
We discovered that Hunter really needed a Leapster because he loved using his sister's new-to-her Leapster. A friend from church brought him the WALL-E game!

The Captain and the Donut playing some frisbee.

My, what a handsome thing we have here!

Here Ro is posing in some of her new clothes. Okay, again, they are just new to her. But a friend gave us a ton of really nice hand-me-downs and so I was able to sort through all of the clothes we had stored for her and pick out just the ones that I knew she'd LOVE and then pass on a bunch to three more girls. What a blessing!

We still look pretty cute together for a couple of old people, huh?


  1. I discovered your blog through the eclectic HS group and I have had your family in my thoughts ever since. As I look at your photo, I feel like I know you from BAM. I could be totally off here, so I apologize if I'm wrong! I used to work behind the cafe until we had our first child and now I'm a stay-at-home unschooler. Are you friends with Steve's daughter?
    Again, so sorry if I'm mistaken! Thinking of you guys either way :o)

  2. What a lovely day. And please don't call yourself old, that would make me ancient!


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