Friday, September 10, 2010

Late night LEGO building

Last Friday night I met some of my favorite friends at one of our favorite hangouts for coffee and girl talk. After I came home from a very cathartic, much needed evening, I found these two boys up late putting together this LEGO Toy Story Train Set. See, earlier in the day Hunter had asked his grandfather for the receipt for the remote control Buzz Lightyear (remember him from this post?). He had not really wanted that expensive toy and the truth is that it was pretty pointless. (Personally, for $130.00, I'd expect the thing to be cleaning my toilets.) So he asked me that if he returned it could he get the very expensive LEGO set in its place. I told him yes. Otherwise we coudn't have bought him this $80.00 set! I love that my son is so practical!

I'm so glad that what turned out to be his last night at home for a while was so much fun!

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