Sunday, September 19, 2010

Growing up Wild: Migrating Birds

Last week we made it over to the Growing Up Wild class again. Ronin seems to really enjoy it. This week's topic was migrating birds.
The students used a rope to keep them in a v-shaped pattern as they "migrated" across the room.

Each child was allowed free range to create a bird from art supplies. Ronin's bird eats meat she says.

When we were on our way out to take a hike with the rest of the group, Drayken decided to show us his funny habit. Whenever someone says something to him that he doesn't like (in this instance it was something like, "come on this way buddy. the group is heading out this other door."), he will just stop and drop. He lays his head down on the floor or onto his leg and he stays there until he's ready to come to terms with whatever bad news he's been given. We think this is stinkin' hilarious.

Well, because Drayken pulled his little comedy routine, we were separated from the rest of the group and never could find them. But I did manage to snap these two pretty pictures of my babers while we looked for them. On this day he turned 18 months old. Isn't he something?

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