Friday, September 10, 2010

Growing Up Wild: Deer

Two days before Hunter was diagnosed, we attended a class called "Growing Up Wild". I never got around to blogging about it because of the chaos of that week. But he really enjoyed it. Ronin decided to just watch the first time but she said that she'd enjoy participating as well. We had talked about it and decided to make "Growing Up Wild" a part of our weekly schedule. It's only $3.00/child and it's super close to our house. Unfortunately, things have changed and Hunter will no longer be able to participate in the class obviously. But this past week I was able to take Ronin back. She seemed to enjoy it. The topic was deer.

They played a game where the kids had to pretend to be baby deer and stay very still while the teacher (Ms. Rachel) pretended to be an animal trying to find lunch.

This is the deer craft that they made using a deer hoof stamp and using their hands as templates for antlers.

After the craft we all took a walk on the nature trail to look for deer, deer food, and to use our ears to help us imagine what a deer might hear.
As we were strolling, someone pointed out this walking stick.

We love the Wilderness Station at Barfield Crescent Park and
we are so thankful to have that resource so near to our home.


  1. Hi, I found your blog a few weeks ago and I dont think I have posted yet anything! I wanted to let you know that my family is keeping your family in our prayers and hearts...I know how hard this is for you guys(my brother has the same thing as Hunter) and he got diagnosed the week of his 2nd birthday. He is now 14 and doing good...I see the pics of Hunter and reminds me of my own brother! I am glad that you are keeping the joy in your home, its best for Hunter that way! May God be with you and your family along this journey, remember He ALWAYS has a purpose for the rough times!
    ***Hi Hunter***

  2. I wanted to let you know that your family is in my prayers. My sister met you at the Wild things class last week and you shared your story with her and she has made lots of prayer request for your family. I want you to know that God is Perfect and His will is Perfect and He has healing powers. I am praying for you.
    Amber Alfonso


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