Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More randomness from the past week or so...

Thought I'd finish blogging some photos from the past few days before we go to pick up Hunter!!! These are completely out of order but every day has blended together as far as I'm concerned.

Drayken made a beautiful mess with his breakfast: oatmeal and carrot juice.

This is outside on the floor where Hunter stays at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Ronin has called a "family meeting". Here she is giving us all an earful. (That's her Aunt Kimberly).

Hunter loves to watch his Uncle Sam play DS.

The Captain trying to catch some rest.

Hunter has taken up the hobby of watching YouTube videos.
His favorites are LEGO and the Annoying Orange.

Brother and Sister playing Rummy with Toy Story Cards.

We played lots of games that day.

This stuff made me very emotional.
A chemo duck, a book about the chemo duck and an activity book for kids about having cancer.

Sister having some lunch.

Some bad guys from Toy Story 3

Skyping with his grandmother and brother.

Showing off some new clothes and shoes that a friend gave us.

Watching brother after his surgery.

Sweet baby boy.

A boy reunited with his robots is a very happy boy.

Showing me some Silly Bandz.

Look, it's REX!!

Silly Bandz in abundance.

I'm looking forward to sharing our days at home with you!


  1. I still can't believe how much Drayken and Elise look alike! We really need to get some photos of them together at this age!

  2. Hi Mandy, We are always praying for you all. I was wondering what size does Ronin wear (in clothes and shoes, also favorite colors, styles and whatnot would be cool to know too)? You can reply on FB or at my email kishag@live.com. Also, is there anything that Hunter would especially like right now? Blessings abound on your family. Agape...Kisha


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