Friday, August 27, 2010

Going outside

last night we had an opportunity to get outside for a while.
it was good exercise for hunter and a fabulous opportunity to snap some great photos!

the "dynamic duo"... quite literally.
who is this handsome devil?
looking around for some rocks and more bird feathers.
my sweet boy

hunter quietly called us over to get a look at this guy.
he was so excited because he was able to touch it.


  1. Great pictures. So sorry to read about him being sick...sorry I'm so late at catching up too! Praying for his quick healing and peace over your family.
    I know it might sound weird but let me know if you need anything (I live in the Boro also)...a meal, clothes washed, coffee, whatever!
    Blessings over your sweet family.

  2. What a super find! And he stayed still for touching, well done Hunter, you must have been so quiet and careful! :)


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