Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Sunday at Home

All three kids have been sick with a summer cold for the past week or so. As difficult as the decision was, we chose to stay at home from church this week. We've been doing such a good job of showing up regularly! But I'm sure that no one wanted to be exposed to our germs and the kids didn't need to be exposed to anyone else's germs either. Luckily last night I got a great night of sleep so I had energy to spare today. In addition to all of the cooking and cleaning that I did, I managed to fit in some real exercise as well. 20 minutes of jogging on my rebounder and about another 20 minutes of Just Dance (including "U Can't Touch This" which is surprisingly a good work out). The kids also helped me clean both bathrooms and they shouted out exclamations of "This is fun!" and "I love this job!". Well, great! I'll be happy to have you help me clean more in the future, guys.
For no good reason at all, we decided to use our gluten free muffin mix from Whole Foods to make more coconut lime cupcakes like we made for Hunter's birthday. Only this time we had some special Wall-E liner cups and toothpicks that we picked up at Big Lots for a dollar.
The kids helped me fill the paper cups and here Ronin is complaining that she told me to stop taking her picture because the flash hurts her eyes.
So here she is closing her eyes to keep the flash out.

The cupcakes in the middle of the process.

Here is some granola I made.

And the popcorn.

Hunter is very proud of his cupcake!

Aren't they adorable?

We also made some ginger sun tea. We've been making sun tea a lot lately ever since I found this authentic vintage jug at a thrift store. It reminds me of my mama.

And here are some awesome quesadillas that we grilled tonight. I used Ezekiel tortillas and Daiya cheese. The kids and the hubby enjoyed baked chicken and cilantro in their quesadillas and mine had cilantro, tomatoes, onion and garlic powder. I had not tried the Daiya cheese until tonight because it was so expensive and because I thought that the fact that it was already shredded meant it might not be super healthy because it would have to include an anticaking agent. But let me tell you, all that they have said about this product is true. It's incredible. We made three big quesadillas and there is enough for a pizza later in the week so I guess that's not too bad considering we are a family of five (okay, four and a half). But seriously, it's really great vegan cheese and I'll be buying it again. I'm thinking maybe a bag per shopping trip which averages about once every three weeks.

This is my favorite part of the day... baby boy is feeling better. Earlier in the week he had a fever... 104 for two days. He was miserable and barely ate anything all week. So when he ate quesadilla, cantaloupe and raspberries in goat yogurt for dinner, I was beyond thrilled.
Love my little sweetie!

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  1. We stayed home from church yesterday too. Still trying to get over these colds that we all have now. The food looks and sounds great! And the kids are growing and changing so much!


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