Monday, July 12, 2010

Seeing Toy Story 3

We never go to the theater but for "Toy Story 3" we had to make an exception. So I left the baby with his dad and took the two big kids to the theater one afternoon and I did not regret it. While we were never big "Toy Story" fans in the past, I was still extremely emotional about Andy's moving away and leaving his toys. The whole thing really ripped me up as I sat there, bawling my eyes out, and reflecting upon the fact that I now have a first grader who once loved Elmo, and then "Cars", and then Mike Wazowski, and then Wall-E, and now Toy Story. He's gone from diapers to baseball in no time flat. Before I know it, my own son will be moving out and moving on and that's just a very difficult pill to swallow. It all happens so quickly. It all happens in the blink of an eye. I struggle to even remember what he was like a year ago. I feel that I can't capture these memories well enough. I'm almost in a panic to soak it all up.

A little much for a kids' movie. What an emotional ride it was.

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