Friday, July 16, 2010

All Natural Little Girl Play Makeup

Ronin has been asking me for months to get her some "REAL" play make up. Of course, being a neurotic crunchy hippie, I cringed at the idea of her smearing chemicals all over herself (and inevitably ingesting them as well). So, after she asked me for it about six times and I offered to buy her a Wii game as a "Welcome to Kindergarten" gift and she said, "No, thank you. What I really want is some make up" I realized that I had been ignoring her wishes. So I set about googling things like "all natural little girl play make up" and other similar key word searches. I found one set that included three tiny containers and it was twenty bucks. Hmph. Basically that was not going to work. She'd use those tiny containers up in a week's time! I knew I could do something just as cool for a lot less money. Here's what I came up with.

The containers came from Michael's. It was a set of 18 containers with lids for mixing paints. $4.99
I found a sheet of Hannah Montana (her latest favorite thing) stickers and decoupaged them to the lids and sides of the containers.
My very creative friend Amanda suggested buying the teeny tiny finely ground glitter and to just mix it with aloe vera gel. That is exactly what I did here. So in the small containers you see there is green, pink, yellow, and blue body glitter gel. It's been a HUGE hit. And sure the glitter isn't all natural but I figure that it's not so bad, right? (Right, people?)

She also requested perfume which I knew would be immediately sprayed into her mouth (and I was right, it was). I remember being four and receiving lots of chemical perfumes for Christmas and feeling like such a big girl. Then I swallowed some of it and threw up all over the Christmas gifts under the tree at my great grandparents' house. My dad dumped out all of my bottles of perfume. One of them looked like this. Creepy, huh? I don't blame him for pouring out the perfume. I was too young for it anyway. But my point is that I was devastated and I didn't want Ronin to have to suffer the same sort of thing so I knew I needed to figure out a way to make her a perfume that I'd be comfortable with her ingesting. So I purchased a plastic spray bottle from Hobby Lobby and covered it in Hannah Montana stickers (gotta love a perfume with Billy Ray Cyrus's face on it) and then covered those with packing tape. Yeah, it doesn't look great but it looks better than leaving to let it get wet and for the stickers to be picked off! So then I poured in some red natural food coloring (which you can see looks more purpley which was what I actually wanted) and added a few drops of peppermint oil and a few drops of orange oil and then filled it will filtered water.
The thing that looks like a purple candle is a lip gloss. Basically I took some of my old incredibly awesome purple Burt's Bee's lipstick (that is no longer being made, sadly) and cut off a tad and melted it down with some coconut oil. Then we froze it. It looks fantastic but be warned, if you try this, don't let your little girl take her's out in the heat of summer to show her grandparents unless you are sure to put it into a cooler. Trust me on this one.
I also included a Burt's Bees lip shimmer in pale pink. I had a little pink paint brush from some art set and that works nicely for "applying the make up".

She was thrilled with this makeup kit. We've already refilled the body glitter gels. I've never seen her fall so in love with anything. It's always nice to please the difficult to please! Let me know if you try this! I'd love to see and hear other similar ideas!


  1. That is awesome!! Good job mama! I will keep all this in mind for a few years down the road. :)

  2. This all looks just perfect for her! :)

  3. That is really a great idea. I'll have to try out the glitter gel. My daughter is 8 and loves make-up and glitter. She'd be thrilled. I think her little brother would be too ;p Thanks for joining us on It's Playtime

    Rachele @Messy Kids

  4. I don't have girls!!!!! No!!! I need a girl! :)

    I'm not a super crunchy mom, but would definitely worry about kids eating it! I love how you made it so simple to make these yourself! Soon Ronin will be mixing up her own makeup and perfume!

    I did a roundup of play recipes on It's Playtime this week and featured these lovely ideas!

    Please come play with us again today!



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