Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ridiculous Chocolate on "Positively Tennessee"

I'm a perky person for the most part. I love being optimistic and cheerful and giddy. Usually you will find me laughing and grinning. So it tickles me to no end to have my business featured on a news segment that was created for the purpose of bring optimism into the world. I suppose our logo just screams happy!
Monday morning we had a cameraman and Julie Kroenig from WKRN Channel 2 in our kitchen. They do a segment called "Positively Tennessee" that was inspired by all of the bad news that has been out there as of late. Viewers complained they were constantly reporting how bad the economy is right now. So Julie ran with the idea to create a segment that told the stories of economical success. I like that idea!

They interviewed the Captain about Ridiculous Chocolate and they shot footage of him making chocolate and of me making carrot juice. Crazy huh? They were very nice and Julie agreed that our chocolate is, in fact, pretty ridiculous.

Here is the clip! Check out the story here.


  1. SOOO cool!! Happy for the great exposure that you all are getting!

  2. I loved watching the clip! I was hoping you were going to talk so I could hear your voice!

    Do you plan on selling a sampler? If not, I'll place my order this week. I just can't decide on a flavor.


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