Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movin' on up

As unschoolers we didn't feel it appropriate to participate in a homeschool Kindergarten graduation, as cute as it would have been. But at our church, He-Man is graduating for real from the pre-K program and moving up to the Elementary department for his Bible classes. We are excited for him! Last week I snapped some pictures during his last class in the "Land of Promise".

Here he is with Mr. Paul and Mrs Terry, a husband and wife team who taught him this year. They showed him such love and kindness and I'm sad we won't be in their class anymore.

And here he is with the graduation puppy his teachers gave him.

Today was "Promotion Sunday" where all up and coming first graders were to meet with their parents for a ceremony, a presentation about what we can expect over the next four years, and then enjoy a tour of the department. I wish that I could attend class on Faith Boulevard! There is a Bible museum, a movie room, a puppet room, an art room, a game room, and a diner! I am so excited to watch my son grow and learn about the Lord. I can imagine that I'll be learning right along side him because my Bible knowledge is minimal.

Mr. First Grader with his new Bible with which he was presented this morning.

Sitting in a booth at the "diner".

In front of the "Faith Boulevard" sign.


  1. Wow, that looks like a very cool church. We have nothing like that.
    Congratulations on the promotion!

  2. Congrats, Hunter!:)
    I was a tour guide in Faith Boulevard this past quarter for the first grade. Let me tell you, the kids LOVED it and so did I!:)
    Hunter will LEARN so much during his rotations about God's love through the stories of his WORD!

    Good to see you yesterday...even so briefly! Cary and I talked with Michael about the chocolate business.:) How exciting!

  3. It is a super cool church and these kids programs are why we decided to place membership there after looking around for a year and a half. There are some other fun changes that are being made in the children's department on Wednesdays nights too. There will be worship for the entire family. We are going to start going to that too.

  4. Wow, that looks like quite a program! Our church is pretty small, so we just have the basics.

    I have to say I appreciate your non-participation in the kindy graduation. I was talking about that to my hubby the other day, because I really don't understand it. I think it takes away from the specialness of later graduations that (should) actually represent accomplishment and completion of a personal goal. Kindergarten is a beginning, not an ending. But I'll get off my box now. ;)

  5. Ashley, I sure hope I get a chance to be a tour guide or teacher next year. It will all depend upon D-man's plans!

    Amanda, I think the main reason I don't like the idea of a K graduation is because of the way that we don't exactly start a school year and then neatly finish it up. It would truly be meaningless for us. But I had no trouble with small ceremonies for finishing up the baseball season for for this where he honestly started a program and finished it up and then is now moving on to something new and different.


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