Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Makeover Tour Part 3: The rest of the house

Welcome to the final installment in my home tour series! Thanks for stopping by again. I hope you've enjoyed getting a sneak peak into my life and my house. I've loved getting all of the comments too! This post contains the photos of the rest of the house!

This is our hallway bathroom. The kids call it their bathroom but I really prefer to use it over my own. It's so bright, cheerful, great lighting, conveniently located. The Captain painted this room during the makeover. I chose the bright orange color. Gotta have some orange in your house.

Traded in the bulletin board and dry erase board for this framed print that I've had since our wedding and this shelf which so nicely displays my collectors glasses from the 80s. On the top shelf you will see some glass items that were special to my mom.

This is the corner bookshelf that the Captain made f
or me. This corner was covered in floor to ceiling mirrors. They were awful. AWFUL. So since I was lacking shelving, this seemed like the perfect solution. He did a good job too, huh?

Found this piece of work at an estate sale up the street and we finally got it hanged on the wall during the makeover. It's in my bathroom and I think it works.

And this painting was randomly given to me by a friend. I looooove it in my hallway!

Well, that's it, folks! Come back again soon.

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  1. Hey, I recognize that! Glad you made it work so well.


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