Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Makeover Tour Part 2: Kid Rooms

The kids' rooms needed painting worse than any of the rooms. When we moved in here, no one had ever painted over the paint that was on the walls when the house was built. That flat paint peels off and gets dirty and is so nasty and when you add kids... well... trust me. It looked awful! So these room makeovers are the ones that have made us the happiest! The kids LOVE the changes that have been made and I do too.

He-Man picked the colors in this room and I have to admit that I tried to convince him that the blue was too dark. You know how they say that the paint chip will look lighter than the paint on the wall will look? Well, that's why I told him his choice was too dark. But then I stopped myself and told him I was sorry and that he could pick whatever two colors he wanted. So, he went with his first choice and boy, was it a good decision! I think the colors look amazing and they just happened to match the accessories I already had for the walls, etc. I need to stop second guessing that kid!

This is one corner where I placed the chair that I won.

And see these two outer space plaques? I found them at Goodwill several months ago. I got them both for 4 bucks! Could they be any more perfect?

These two photos are of what has become known as the "girl cubby". The Donut has never really had her own space. She used to have her own room but she started sleeping with her brother when she was still two and since the baby was coming, we figured we'd just move them in together officially and last summer I gave her room the homeschool room makeover. When we redid the rooms this time, we gave her the option of moving back into the other room but she declined. So, I set about making a space just for her. A space that celebrates girlhood and her (okay, our) love of pink. And here it is. Her cousin donated the bedding and we just took two random bookshelves that no longer served a specific purpose and placed them under the loft bed. They almost form a partition and they also help discourage the kids from climbing under the bed which had become an issue. She squealed with delight and immediately threw herself across the bed when she first saw her girl cubby. She takes care of it and keeps it tidy which is quite a change for her. I think she really likes it and appreciates it. :) I still intend to give the shelves a pink makeover but they are fine for now.

And here is He-Man's bed. He now officially has Wall-E bedding and a Wall-E bulletin board. He also has the tiny shelf with four drawers (that just happen to match everything else) and a reading lamp. You can also see a cool magnetic bin that just so neatly sticks to the bed. He's keeping his comic books, pen, and paper in the bin.

This is a better view of the Wall-E bulletin board. He-Man's grandmother had some leftover fabric and we had a pitiful looking bulletin board. This is what we came up with. It was not easy to do. And it doesn't look great. But it's way up high and the kiddo loves it so that's all that matters.

Here we have a Wall-E table and chairs and the thrown together "kitchen".

This is a baby quilt that the Captain's aunt made for one of the kids when they were born. It's too gorgeous to keep folded away. It looks amazing in the new room!

Now we move into the "play" room (though we mostly just read in there). The Donut chose the colors for this room.
Here's He-Man gazing out into our yard from the futon. What a nice view we have!

Bookshelves! I convinced the Captain to take the Diaper changing table/dresser out of the room and replace it with shelves. I desperately needed that space for books! I LOVE having all of the kids' books in one room.

Just had to share what I put in the place of the shelves that once were here: a collage of our first year as an official "homeschool" family. I love the way that it turned out.

Next I will finish up this series with photos from our hall bathroom, my bedroom, the hallway, and our kitchen! Hope you'll come back!


  1. Love it all! But especially, having all the books together near the futon. :D

  2. We have that icky flat paint too. We told our son we were going to paint his room, and now we're trying to talk him out of bright red walls.

    So how does the room sharing go? I have a 2 year old daughter, and a 5 year old son. Neither one really wants to sleep alone, so we had thought about having them share a room, and using the other room as a playroom.

  3. Thanks Sherry. I love it too :).

    Lisa, bright red walls would have been H's first choice but we told him that since we already had bright red in the living room, we'd go ahead and use some different colors! The room sharing is great. The loft bed helps separate them enough to give them their own space but they feel like they aren't totally alone. My kids fight but all in all, they are best friends. They like to hang out in their room together and watch tv. When the baby is old enough to move into a room I'm not sure what they will do. Maybe all three of them will sleep in one room?

  4. The room's look great! What a pretty blue -- it looks good with boy stuff and girl stuff!


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