Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Makeover Tour Part 1: My Living Room

Welcome to my home friends!

This is my living room! We spend a majority of our at-home days here. I've worked really hard to have the decor in my living room reflect our personalities. Also, I like to feel "at home" in my home and I don't feel comfortable unless I'm surrounded by bright colors and funkiness.

Above is a framed "pop art" experiment that my best girl friend made with a picture of our daughters. It's surrounded by some "blue birds of happiness" that I found at a yard sale a few years back.
I obtained this clock for free from a friend's declutter party. Cool, huh?

In the vase (that was decorated by one of the kids) are some leather roses that the Captain bought me many years ago at a Renn Faire. The gold and orange peacock is something that I saw at an antique mall while my mom and I were out shopping one day. I mentioned that I loved it and she took note and went back and got it for me. This was not long before she died so it's especially sentimental to me. The bookends are neon and they have little girls from the 60s wearing hippie clothing. I think I got them at a thrift store. I love them. That set is one of the only things I've hung on to after marrying and moving into my own home. I've tossed most everything else. Good thing because I think they are related to these. And on the very end is a candle that a friend made me (by hand) for my birthday.
In the first frame is our marriage certificate. A few years ago when I started Artsy Mamas, I printed out the organization's logo and put it in that frame and placed the frame on this shelf. About a year ago, I took that paper out, threw it away and replaced it with our marriage certificate... as a symbol that my marriage was my top priority and not some organization. I've paired it on this shelf with more of the leather roses and my most recent family portrait. My family is number one in my life and I like it that way.

Behind my giant purple sectional sofa (Sofa Connection was going out of business and so we got this customized sofa for 1000 bucks about 7 years ago) are these things... My awesome IKEA film strip picture frames which I recently updated to reflect the newest addition to our family, the portraits of my sweet children and my framed album covers: The B-52's "Party Mix", Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, and The B-52's "Wild Planet". It wouldn't feel like home without the photos of my "family". :)

During the makeover we moved these bookshelves from our old house (that we'd been keeping in our garage) into the corner. The Captain even went through his awesome book collection and organized and sorted and this is what we've come up with. Looks pretty cool huh? A sword, a dragon (which he bartered for at a faire many moons ago), a baseball photo, and a NY Yankees nutcracker (that his sister found on clearance years ago... his mom collects nutcrackers and he's a huge Yankees fan so it's significant for those reasons).

And finally, my nature shelf. I say, "Mine" because no one else is very interested in it. But I'm trying. On top of the shelf you will see a crazy looking dragon lamp that my parents got for the Captain at a yard sale and the Eiffel Tower lamp that my sister-in-law bought me as a wedding gift after she heard me complaining about how much I wanted that lamp at Target but her brother would not let me register for it. She showed him, huh? :) Until recently I'd been keeping it hidden in my bathroom but now old Eiffie has come out to play. Heh heh heh.

Thank you for visiting my home, friends. I hope you've enjoyed the first installment in my home make over tour. Next installment? Changes to the kids' rooms!


  1. I love to see pictures of homes on blogs - it's fun to get a little peek into the lives of people I only know online.

    I like the bright colors you use in your home!

  2. What a special, cozy place! I really love how you've surrounded yourself with things of happiness. This reminds me that I need to do more of the same thing. I really like the bookshelf corner...what a comfy area!

  3. The book shelves look great! I like them there. And I totally LOVE the pop art... funny thing.. I have one just like that in my daughter's room :) Which you have to come see this week. Also, while Im on that subject- I have iPsycho. FYI. :) Wednesday Perhaps?


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