Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wasn't it a Mighty Storm...

Thank God that after last year's natural disaster, Murfreesboro has been spared. However, I cannot say the same thing about the surrounding areas. Nashville and many other cities and towns around Middle Tennessee are currently suffering through the aftermath of a 1000 year flood (which apparently means that this type of rain is only going to occur every 1000 years. or there was a one out of 1000 chance that this type of flooding might happen... either way, crazy weird wild stuff). I've been glued to the tv and facebook over the past several days. There are a bajillion photos floating around (no pun intended) but this one of the Elvis statue from Broadway in downtown Nashville has got to be my favorite, if you can have a favorite photo of complete devastation. It made me laugh because my dad and I used to have this running joke about Elvis sightings. We never saw him in a body of water though. It's been surreal watching it all unfold. People have died. People have lost everything. People have been totally displaced and the shelters are full. Head over to Living and Learning for more information and for incredible videos. Please keep the people of Tennessee in your prayers.

photo by Christopher Greenwood used with permission

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