Saturday, May 1, 2010

Endings... and Beginnings

Yesterday was a very emotional time for me. We ended up a nearly perfect year with our homeschool co-op. Next year it will be different. I don't want to get into why and how, but it will be. And I don't like changes. If I had it my way, we'd keep the same exact group of people until the kids are all grown and they all go off into the world, married to each other. But it's not like that and I know it. And that's about all I can say about that without crying on my laptop. It's not water proof.
The whole lot of 'em.

Ro with her girls.

Hunter with the boys.

I love these kids so much. Each and every one of them. That's saying a lot coming from someone who generally doesn't like children.

As if the day wasn't emotional enough, the afternoon came to an end when Hunter took his first fencing class from Dragon's Guard School of Fencing and Sword fighting. In case you didn't already catch on, his dad teaches the class ;). He's taking the class with his pal and they are both too geeky cute and sweet for words really. This whole my-child-being-old-enough-to-take-fencing is really killing me, y'all. Like I told Kristi, I was thinking about how the Captain had just started teaching again at a local dance studio the week before I was suddenly induced with Hunter. As I laid in that hospital bed, waiting on my son to come three weeks early, he spent most of first few hours of my labor on the phone calling his students to tell them that class had been canceled that evening. I remember thinking that one day, in the distant future, that son I was soon to hold in my arms would be lucky enough to have a daddy who taught fencing. And that it would make a great PE credit for homeschooling. Man how time flies. Here we are... with that child taking fencing class with his friend who also loves Legos and Spongebob and "iCarly". It's picture perfect really. All way better than I could have dreamed it to be.

This feels as if the beginning of a new chapter. A brand new adventure. The adventure of being the mom of a big kid. I like it SO much.

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