Monday, May 3, 2010

Dirt Cup Dessert... a healthier version

The kids and I found some all natural gummies at our local Tuesday Morning. Actually, a friend told us about them and so I went and picked up a couple of bags for Hunter's birthday cupcakes, as you might remember. We liked them so much so we went back and got more. We happened to pick up a bag of snakes which are very much like worms in gummy form. I had the idea that maybe I needed to make that raw chocolate pudding recipe I'd read about years ago and stuck in the back of my mind. So we picked up some Newman's Own sandwich cookies and the avocados needed for making the pudding. Today I made it and stuck it in the freezer so that it would be nice and chilled for dinner. I used this recipe. It turned out wonderfully though I think that next time I will use slightly less salt (and the Captain agreed).

I am so passionate about making fun healthy snacks and treats for kids. I feel like maybe this might be the focus of my "cookbook" that I need to get around to making. Perhaps I will start my own healthy party business... in all of my spare time. ;)

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