Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And we're off

Big News around here these days (which is probably why I'm posting more infrequently than I already was). Our business, Ridiculous Chocolate, is finally being launched and we are well on our way to achieving our dream of having our product sold in places like, ahem, Whole Foods. We had our inspection by the government which gave us the license to manufacture foods in our home (we received a score of 98/100! woo hoo!) and we also had our big premiere at the local farmer's market. So exciting.
Here are some of our very best friends (and biggest fans) dropping by to buy some chocolate.
Though sadly I missed most of them, many many many of our good friends came out to show support, buy candy, and just in general do what good friends do. We had two customers who were brought in just from reading about our chocolates on the facebook page of one of my mama friends. So, you never know who is reading and how much your posts on facebook (or your blog, or twitter) might be causing a nice ripple effect!
The Captain was so exhausted. That man sure does work hard.

Remember that you don't have to be local to Murfreesboro, TN to purchase Ridiculous Chocolate. Head on over to our site and place your order now.

Follow us on Twitter (though I really just can't get into that site for some reason)
and "Like" us on Facebook (which I have gotten the hang of and could probably stand to do less of!)

And be sure to check out this awesome article about our business in the Murfreesboro Post.
(A kind reader even left a very nice comment about my husband at the bottom of the page.
I'm so proud of that man that I could just about burst.)

AND (yes, there's more) we are going to be featured as the first participant in
"Facebook Follower Friday"
at the Facebook page of

(social girl media is another project belonging to Kari over at The Snail's Trail. NOW you know what I'm talking about because everyone knows her blog!)

There will be a live chat with me and my hubby, discussion threads about running a business, our chocolates, my healthy foods ministry, and my soon-to-be-launched project decoupage deeva (more about that later) will be hosting a giveaway! So head on over to their Facebook page and click "like" so that you will be in on all of the fun. It starts this Friday and will last for a while week. Thanks Kari! I'm so excited!


  1. I am soooooo excited for you and your family! Good luck sent your way for this yummy business. I wish you guys the best!

  2. Hooray! I'm so excited for you.

    FB is way better than Twitter. Just my opinion.

  3. Congratulations! I hope it goes well for you.


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