Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A million different directions

Ever since I made the decision to no longer act as executive direction of Artsy Mamas, I've felt scattered and motivated. I have a bajillion things I want to get done but I just don't know where to start. Ever feel like that? ;) Some of the things I want to tackle include:
-Designing and executing a fitness challenge with friends
-Setting up my Etsy Shop (Decoupage Deeva is now registered to me)
-Create inventory for my Etsy shop: mirrors, necklaces (the bottle top charms for best friends and mother/daughter pairs), and boxes
-Learn to sew (this is supposed to be taking place this summer. I asked my mother-in-law if she would commit to weekly lessons at her house for about 8-10 weeks and she agreed! How lucky am I to have an amazing seamstress in the family?)
-Purchase a Flip Camera and learn to make movies on the computer for our web show
-Work on the cookbook/memoir that I'm being called to write (quite literally I'm told about once a week by someone that I need to write a cookbook.... I just want to write a memoir)

I'd love some advice from all of you busy bodies out there. How do you focus on your own goals? How do you get stuff done?

Now that I've organized our "school" (which is going very well, actually), I feel like organizing myself and my own personal goals but I'm overwhelmed by the prospect. HELP!


  1. I do best when I focus on one thing at a time, otherwise, I find myself walking around in circles--mind and body. It's just like CM habit forming for our kids, really work at one thing for a few weeks (or longer) until the habit is formed, then add on a new area to work on. The challenge is being patient though, 'cause I just really want to do everything at once! :)

  2. My hubby always says you can't give 2 things 100%. One thing will take precendence over the other. His statment is true so I try to stay balanced. I am a 'huge' believer in scheduling and I have found much success by taking it a step further after reading Managers of their homes by Steven and Teri Maxwell. My day consist of time in prayer, time in my Word, cooking, facilitating educational and creative pursuits, cooking, fitness, homecare duties, blogging, Facebooking, errands/library runs, reading with the kiddos, and personal reading. I have little time for anything outside of God and the family. I suggest you pick the most pressing desire and work on it first, if after a few weeks it isn't fruitful...ditch it and go on to the next. If they are items that can be done simultaneously, I suggest building an hour per activity over several days during the week example: Mon-6 am Mandy Fitness, 1pm Mandy Sew, 9pm Mandy Business Building...get it! Stay flexible but be intentional! I hope this helps chica!


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