Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few random things

The weather has been too pretty to be sitting inside using a computer. And, um, Blogger has not been letting me upload pictures. ;) Here are a few random photos from the last couple of weeks.

We got a rug. Hardwood floors are great but they aren't conducive to lots of playing on the floor which kids like to do. So, we got a remnant from a local carpet store and had them finish it like a rug. I'm thrilled with the change. The kids are playing together more than ever. We also moved our coffee table out and moved our play table in. The baby can climb onto it and fall off and hit his face. Good times.
We recently attended a homeschool science fair. He-Man was immediately drawn to the
First Lego League display. I hope that when he is old enough there is still an active league around here!
We got a lined dry erase board for working on handwriting. We are trying to do a letter a day. It's a great big source of stress and strife. So I don't push them.
Donut has been playing restaurant lately. Here she is making a menu using old grocery ads and magazines.
Oh, and this here is Drayken, Lord of the Dragons and King of "I can stand but I refuse to walk". Isn't he sweet?

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