Monday, March 8, 2010


Lately, some of my bloggy friends have been posting links on Facebook to articles and such about play. We have been having a lot of play happening in this house as of late. Combine our new tv viewing habits (a change I felt inspired to make after the Charlotte Mason seminar at Sherry's house) and the fact that a certain little baby is big enough for floor play and you have some major playing going on. I love it. Can't express how happy it makes me to see my kids engaged

in building

in pretending

and even just zooming a little car all over the floor (which is exactly what Draykie has been doing the past few days. )

My mother-in-law has just recently retired and therefore has found herself doing some things that she's meant to do for oh, probably about twenty years. You know how it goes. She has gotten out all things Legos from when the Captain was a kid. He and his siblings have to sort through it together but once they do, I suspect some of them may come to live at our house. I'm so excited about this. I NEVER owned a Lego set. I always wanted one but I think I was told they were too expensive or maybe for smart kids or for boys. I don't know. But for some reason I never asked for any because they intimidated me. So, He-Man has brought two of these Lego sets home and has played endlessly with them. When we are at their house, same scenario. While I was at the aforementioned seminar, he stayed with his grandparents and played Legos for three hours solid. Amazing. I will keep you up to date on the Legos! I'm sure they will be the topic of many posts to come.


  1. Hi Mandy! You are going to LOVE the Legos. I always wanted some as a kid, too. It's pretty much all my boys do when I'm not making them do other things. ;)

  2. It's really exciting! I can see him being an engineer one day.

  3. Engaged kids = happy kids = happy mama! Woohoo! :D

  4. My kids adore legos. ( I never liked them because they hurt my hands to work with.) On the other hand my brothers spent ALL their time playing with legos and handed them down to the kids. :) And it is excellent natural learning of math and science (just FYI).


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